How Can Probate Attorneys Help You?

Estate owners will need to figure out how to manage their assets when they die. They can set up a plan that divides their assets among their family. The right plan could prevent the assets from getting seized by the probate court. It could also decrease the family’s expenses and prevent them from facing financial hardships.

Create Will with Stipulations

The estate owner can create a will that has stipulations that define what the family must do. For example, if they assign assets to a minor, the will must state when the minor receives the asset and offer protection from a guardian. The stipulations can prevent the heirs from selling off properties that the estate owner wants to remain in the family. They can either accept the asset or give it to a different family member.

Identify Guardians for Minor Children

To prepare for the unexpected, the estate owner will set up a guardian assignment for all minor children. The guardian must meet specific criteria to get the children. The estate owner can set up an account to provide financial support for the child.

They can add stipulations that require the guardian to provide receipts to the court that show they are spending the money on expenses for the child. The protection prevents a guardian from using the money for their own expenses or abusing their access to the assets.

Set Up Provisions for Trust Funds

A trust fund can also have provisions that prevent the heir from squandering the money quickly. For example, it may require them to use the money to pay for college, and they can’t access the money unless they are enrolled in college. The stipulations prevent them from getting more than a predetermined amount of money each year, too. The estate owner can learn more about the plans by contacting Probate attorneys now.

Create a Plan for Outstanding Debts

The estate owner can create a plan to pay off outstanding debts that could allow creditors to seize assets to pay off the balance. They can set aside a certain amount of money for their debts, and their executor can use the account to settle the debts and prevent their family from facing the costs. The executor can settle the debts as soon as the estate owner passes.

Decrease the Value of the Estate

An irrevocable trust can decrease the value of the estate and decrease its time in probate court. It allows the estate owner to separate certain assets from the estate and protect them from the probate court. With the trust, the estate owner assigns a successor to these assets, and the successor takes over after the estate owner dies. All assets in the trust are no longer a part of the estate.

Estate owners create a plan to manage their assets and prevent them from losing assets through the probate court. Their heirs will receive assets according to the estate owner’s will, and they can add stipulations to protect family assets. Estate owners can learn more about the plans by contacting an attorney now.