Finding the Right Business Coach

One hundred executives found that coaching provided an average ROI of almost 6 times the cost of their initial investment, according to a survey by Manchester Inc. A business coach can help you see problems differently, be your mentor, and set you on the path to success. But, you don’t just need a great business coach. You need the right business coach.

You need a coach who can relate to you and your experiences, who has already been there, and with whom you see eye to eye. Here’s what you need to do to find the right business coach.

Get Clear on Your “Why”

Your business coach is merely a personal aide to you—no matter how good or qualified they are. They cannot replace your personal vision for your career, but they can help you achieve your desired results faster.

So, take stock of your current situation before you hire a business coach. Most importantly, you need to ask yourself, “Why do I need a business coach right now?” Do you want to get to the next income level? Are you looking to get your startup off the ground?

Do you want to develop your side business? Or do you perhaps want to live the laptop lifestyle and work and travel at the same time? Are you looking to change your career and need someone who will help you overcome career change challenges? It’s key to pick someone who understands your goals clearly and who can support you on your journey.

And, once you figure out your goals, you need to figure out what has been stopping you (or what could stop you) from achieving them. Do you need a coach who will help you overcome your fears and mental blocks?

Perhaps you are having trouble developing an actionable and strategic business plan? When choosing an expert that can help you, you need to be absolutely clear on your expectations. And, don’t hesitate to straight-out ask your coach what they can do for you.

Chemistry and Mindset

Don’t be afraid to pose questions to your prospective coach. For instance, let’s say you want to get tattooed. Would you be too shy to voice your concerns to the tattoo artists? Of course not! You’d ask them all sorts of questions.

You shouldn’t treat your prospective business coach any differently then. Talk over all the nitty-gritty details with them. In order to make sure you match up, you must see where their head is first. Again, it’s vital for you to see eye to eye—in a genuine way. You don’t just need someone who will nod to every business decision you make. You need someone who genuinely understands your mindset and with whom you share chemistry.

Assess Their Knowledge Level

It takes a lot of learning and experience to master coaching skills. The problem is that anyone can call themselves a business coach these days. Coaches are not legally obliged to have the right diploma in order to be able to work. You need to make sure the coaches you are considering are trained and qualified industry experts.

Every great business coach can demonstrate their skills and knowledge. After all, you are paying them for their ability to pick their brains and teach you based on their experiences. Select someone who has several years of experience in coaching, works for a credible organization, or has graduated from a recognized coaching school.

Moreover, it’s best to look for someone who is an expert in a specific area—someone who is well-acquainted with your line of work. Do you need someone who will help you develop your brick-and-mortar business? Or do you need a coach for straightforward tech help? You don’t want to be “their first learning experience” in a certain area.

You need someone who can tell you exactly what to do in certain cases. They can do that only if they have been there before. Ideally, it’s best to find a coach who has proper business skills and has experience as a business owner. So, make sure to check in how many industries they have worked and with what types of clients.

The Right Business Coach Will Hold You Accountable

You will likely outgrow coaches as your business grows. It’s only normal to find new coaches who are better aligned with the stage your business is at. So, how do you make sure you hire the right coach at each stage? You hire someone who will hold you accountable.

You don’t need a coach who won’t do much more than start every call with, “what’s on our schedule this week?” No matter what place you are in your career and how you have changed, you need a coach who will always keep you accountable to your major goals.


The right business coach for you is more than a coach—they are a mentor. Seek out a coach who can teach by example. Don’t fall for mesmerizing pep talks. Request to see something tangible. The right business coach will do more walking and less talking.