5 Ways florist can improve customer service this valentine

Flowers are the most loved gifts regardless of the occasion. People like beautiful and naturally scented fresh flowers as a token of love, respect, sympathy, encouragement, etc. The brightness and freshness of the flowers can fill the receiver’s life with pleasure and love for the giver. Flowers are being loved for centuries and love for them has only been increasing over time. This has made it the most promising business. You can find several options online and in a nearby market to find the best flowers in Templestowe. With an increasing number of people lending into the market as florists, you need to offer something to your customers to get ahead of your competition. With valentine being just around the corner, you have a great opportunity to engage more clients and make your existing clients love your more. Here are some tips to provide better services to your customers and gain their trust.

  • Describe your products accurately

The flower business is a bit intrigued. In fact, the product is a bit confusing and your client may face difficulty in finding the right flowers for the right occasion. Make sure your product details are clearly and accurately described, be it online or given to the customer in your shop. The specialty of certain flowers, quality, shipping charged, price, etc should be conveyed to the customer transparently. Any hidden charges like shipping and packaging can annoy the customer.

  • Make your services personalized

Occasions like valentine is a great chance to win your customers with small gestures. You can add a personal touch to the flowers by adding a small thoughtful card, chocolates, or cupcake, such similar goodies for no extra charges. This makes the customer feel valued and they are more likely to be loyal to you. It also helps in getting more likes and praising reviews on social media and give you valuable mouth publicity.

  • Stick to your commitments

Honoring your commitment is an obvious trade ethic. It is more important when your product is going to be the focus of a very special moment in someone’s life. People order flowers for special occasions when they want to impress or please someone close to them. You need to understand that your flowers can help someone win his/her love of life. Your services will be valued for a lifetime. If you fail to stick to your commitment it can ruin everything for the customer and so your relations with them.

  • Offer discounts and packages

Discounts and packages are an effective way to grab the attention of new customers. Every customer that walks in is an opportunity for the future expansion of your business. You can offer packages for special celebrations. For instance, if someone books you for a wedding, you can also offer to cater to the bachelorette.

  • Provide variety and uniqueness

There is no limit to the kind of flowers available in the market. Put the unique ones on the display to make customers choose you over other suppliers. Offer a wide range of flowers and artistic combinations to get an edge over others. You can also create a unique style of yours that will distinguish your bouquet from others.