Explore CISA Certification: Modules | Eligibility | Salary

Cyber Security refers to the protection of our computer systems from the theft or damage from cybercrimes. Cybersecurity is one of the biggest concerns of all the businesses and individuals too. As the number of cybercrimes is increasing, it is necessary for everyone to secure their systems and important files. The Internet has millions of users and thousands of websites on it, and this somehow increases the chances of falling into these crimes. Business firms have a lot of important files and data in their systems, and without proper security, it can be leaked by anyone, which will be dangerous for their businesses. To solve this problem, it is advisable to have cybersecurity so that there won’t be any chance of these cybercrimes taking place. There are certified cybersecurity professionals who are hired by the organizations to do the same. 

Types of cybercrimes  

There are different types of cybercrimes prevailing all over the world. The common types of cybercrimes are hacking, identity theft, grooming and phishing. Hacking refers to shutting down or misusing websites and obtaining information about people. Identity theft is when someone misuses your personal information. Grooming refers to making sexual advances to the minor. Also, there are crimes like child pornography which is prevailing in our society. These crimes are much dangerous for every individual as well as for business firms as they can steal personal information and use it for doing illegal acts. These crimes are spreading at a higher pace everywhere around the world, and this is the reason why cybersecurity has become so important for everyone. Without cybersecurity, these crimes will keep on increasing, and this will ultimately spread hate and negativity in the society. So, cybersecurity is much necessary. 

CISA Modules 

Modules 1: The Process of Auditing Information Systems – This module helps the candidate to gain the required knowledge to act in accordance with the highest standards of information systems. It also provides the best audit practices to the candidates. Module 2: CISA’s Role in IT Governance – The topis covered here helps to develop sound IS control practices and management mechanism. It gives a great benefit to the organization to have certified professionals who assure to give their best practices which includes accountability, policies, monitoring etc. Module 3: CISA’s Role in IT Service Delivery and Support – The following things are covered in this module such as methodologies and processes that modern organization employ when they reinvent or change the infrastructure components. Also, this module is both beneficial for the exam and the real world too. Module 4: CISA’s Role in IT Service Delivery and Support – This module lets the candidate review the methodologies and processes which are applicable to different IT systems.

 The companies hire certified professional those who can make disaster recovery methodologies and resume the database service on time and gives a positive impact. Module 5: CISA’s Role in Protection of Information Assets – This module ensures that a professional has the integrity, confidentiality and availability of information assets in the business. 

CISA Eligibility 

 If you want to become a CISA, then there are few things that you need to keep on minds such as to have at least 4000 actual hours of work experience in information systems and controls. If you do not have the above-mentioned requirement, then a one-year security, auditing and control experience in information systems can work for you. 

CISA Salaries 

 Since 1978, the CISA certification has been globally recognized by everyone. It is a well-known certification and also the top paying certificate. Every year the CISA professionals make $83, 677 to $107, 342 according to statistics. It is also seen that the security consultants earn between $67, 860 to $106, 407 and the IS auditors earn $59, 647 to $82, 159 per annum. Another reason why these professionals earn a huge amount is because of their high demand. The cyber-crimes are increasing with each passing day, and it has become more than necessary to appoint a cybersecurity professional 

The CISA certification is a well-known and recognized certification. It has an excellent salary for all the professional, and it comes with great scope for your future. The aspirants should surely go for this certification as it will uplift their career in the best possible way.