5 Best JavaScript Certifications For 2020

Javascript by itself is a very useful programming language. Although many languages such as Ruby and Rust have provided more secure methods of writing computer programs, Java continues to be more applicable through its various iterations such as Angular, Node, Express, and React. It has applications in both the front-end and back-end of software and application. It is extremely versatile and is not short of development environments to write the code effortlessly. The language finds its application in web development, to build interactive web pages. It also equips the networking capabilities of the website and complements many proper software systems of large companies. For instance, in data science, the entirety of Hadoop has been written using Java.

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Certified Java programmers can find jobs in many companies. They usually work with developing back-end programs. However, they also work independently to build the website framework for different clients. According to Payscale, Javascript developer salaries can go as high as $115,000 every year. But Java developers can also find jobs in data science. Therefore their salaries can even increase depending on the industry they work for. With so much demand, candidates might want to get certified so that they can tap into the relevant job market. In this article, we will discuss some of the most useful certification courses for Javascript available online.

Certified JavaScript Developer

International Javascript Institute (IJSI) is the best organization when it comes to any query regarding Javascript. The company provides some of the most quality courses about the language, and all the content comes from Javascript professionals themselves. Professionals who are willing to get certified and establish their knowledge in the language are a great fit for the course. This gives a huge boost to the resume as well. People who just want to practice their skills can make use of this course too. The course acquaints the users with the basic concepts, while also teaching them about how to build projects using open-source APIs.

Microsoft Technology Associate

Microsoft’s MTA course is not explicitly a Javascript course. However, it does teach Javascript to the candidates. It helps the candidates to learn the basics of Javascript. Once they are done with that, they can apply their knowledge to Microsoft’s Windows framework. They can then build server-side programs and networking models. They also design security infrastructures. It strengthens the developer’s skills with Windows OS, administrative capabilities, and to build applications suitable for the Microsoft software. This establishes a great relationship between the company and the programmers.

JavaScript Essential Learning

Lynda is the education platform of Linkedin learning, and it has come up with its own Javascript course. While most certification and training programs provide online content and instructor-led training material, Lynda has approached the problem more practically. With the help of virtual labs, candidates can put the concepts they learn into building small projects. Students can build their own dynamic web pages, make their interactive forms, link it to a certain network, and conduct full-stack development to build a viable product that can be sold to a client. 

Programming For the Web by Edx

EdX has a huge number of courses lined up in its computer education portfolio. There are many languages, such as Python, HTML5, CSS, and R being taught on the platform. Javascript is also available as a great option to study on EdX through a certification course. Javascript is one of the most used languages by web developers, and the course teaches the applicants about jQuery, event handling, DOM handling, and other core concepts such as control flow. The course is taught by the University of Pennsylvania faculty and has a lot of satisfied students who have claimed that the routine was extremely helpful to their career.

Interactivity with JavaScript

Michigan University offers a very practical course about Javascript on the Coursera platform. Like EdX, there are multiple courses on programming languages, and Javascript is one of the popular ones. Candidates are taught both basic and advanced concepts which are unique compared to other Javascript courses on Coursera because those courses only go through the rudimentary stuff. They also assign small projects for candidates to do so that they can evaluate their own skills with the language. Javascript is all about making web pages more responsive and dynamic. Therefore, this course focuses on that aspect of the language a lot more.

Javascript has its own tight-knit community which has resulted in the language being so resilient to an ever-changing industry. It has changed from building small applets to making full-fledged independent software. The language itself has made some path-breaking changes to the IT industry.