When is a Split AC Better Than Ducted in Business?

It is generally accepted that the best air conditioning option for a business is a ducted system, it offers high performance, efficiency and is a robust and durable choice for most businesses. However, there are still certain situations where the hefty ducted system option doesn’t make the most sense for a business. In these situations, something like a split AC is a far better choice for the company. If you are unsure as to whether this type of system is optimal for your business or if you need something with a bit more power, here are some scenarios that highlight where a split system is the smarter choice.

Small Spaces

One of the biggest benefits of a ducted air conditioning system is that it has the power and the capability to cool huge spaces and multiple rooms and zones at the same time. Generally, split system air conditioners are considered to be limited in this extent. However, if you only have a small space to cool then a split system is seen to be the far more efficient option as a ducted system will produce a larger amount of air, which isn’t needed for the smaller area.


If your business operates in a location with year-long sunshine and has a constant need for keeping cool, then a ducted system is likely to be the best option. But if this isn’t the case and you only need the air conditioning for a couple of weeks or months of the year then such a large purchase can be a waste of funding. Instead a split system is far more ideal for keeping your work environment cool during these hot periods.


Something which many business owners fail to consider when buying air conditioning is the disruption included with the installation. A ducted system is a large system and once the central unit is installed, the installation team will need to tear up walls and ceilings to install ductwork. This can result in a slowdown in business which, in turn, can directly impact an organisation’s bottom-line. Conversely a split system is very easy to install and even if you opt for a multi-split system with a series of head units installed in multiple rooms, the disruption is far more minimal, the speed of installation is quicker, and the cost is considerably less.

Overall Costs

In many instances, a business may simply not have the required finances to purchase, install and run a ducted air conditioning unit. To provide an idea of the cost of a ducted system in a 5-bedroom home it can be between $15,000 and $30,000. Many businesses are of course going to have much bigger premises than a 5-bedroom home, so you can easily see how these costs can sharply rise. In comparison, on average, a split system air conditioner comes in at 65% cheaper than a ducted AC, which is why many businesses are starting to turn to this alternative.

Ducted air conditioning has its benefits, but there are many situations where it just isn’t fit for purpose. In these cases, it is then better to look to the next best option of a split system.