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Why hire a maxi skip? - Fond Sector B

Why hire a maxi skip?

Skip hire Bolton is guaranteed to save you time and effort, but how do you know which skip size to choose? Leyland Skips can help you to order the best skip for your project – regardless of location.

No two projects are ever the same, therefore, a one-size fits all skip isn’t the answer. Maxi skips, however, are great for larger projects that generate huge amounts of waste and debris. Let’s take a look at 3 of the biggest projects that benefit from maxi skips.

  1. Home renovation

Renovation projects are known to be time-consuming and produce a lot of rubbish. It’s wise to invest in a reliable disposal method, like skip hire in Bolton, in plenty of time to ensure you have somewhere to put unwanted materials as soon as they are generated.

Maxi skips are incredibly spacious – great if you’re looking to throw out large, bulky pieces of furniture. Hiring a maxi skip will save you the hassle of repetitive journeys to and from the local tip – making disposal easier for you and allowing you to complete your project sooner.

  1. Construction work

Needless to say, construction projects produce a lot of waste materials, including debris and rubble, but having a maxi skip on-site enables builders to keep the working environment clean and professional.

Maxi skip hire in Bolton will provide you with the peace of mind that all materials will fit safely inside the skip – preventing the risk of safety hazards for workers and site visitors.

  1. Garden clearance

Maxi skips are perfect for overgrown gardens that need some TLC. Most garden clearances are small scale and don’t need a massive open skip. Suitable for garden materials such as weeds, plants, trees, grass cuttings and soil, the maxi skip incorporates a drop door which makes loading the skip easier for you. 

If you’re planning to leave the maxi skip on the road, you’ll need a permit to legalise your skip hire Bolton, but you can relax in the knowledge that Leyland Skips obtain this on your behalf. 

Hire a maxi skip

Ready to book a maxi skip for your upcoming project? Leyland Skips accept payment online and cash on delivery. Simply choose a time and date that suits your needs best and the Bolton skip hire experts can deliver skips Monday-Friday and offer weekend and evening delivery on special request. For more information, call 01772 957 509