Top 6 Elements That Can Be Converted Into Neon Signs

Neon signs are the identity of the place. It can be used to indicate the directions to reach the place too. This is one of the commonest uses of neon signs. Because of their extensive use in commercial spaces, these are considered the advertising merchandise. But, these are not merely the promotional material for offline premises only. The buyers of neon sign can go more creative with their imagination and can get a number of things converted into these illuminated signs. The other elements, apart from the direction arrows and brand names that can be converted into neon signs are:

  1. Numbers: You can replace the fluorescent placards containing numbers with the neon signs to create interesting milestones. These are not to be used on a roadside as a milestone, but at some place higher where it can be spotted from a long distance. The red light of neon is certainly the most useful when you are using the numbers to tell the number of miles left. The other places where neon signs based on numbers can be used are – birthday parties to tell the age, house number to highlight the address and sometimes, to highlight the years of business or marriage completed during an anniversary bash.
  2. Animals: These form very interesting neon signs that can be used in zoos or national parks. Certain animals tend to own a territory. Such areas can be demarcated with the help of the neon signs that tell people about the animal to which the area belongs. Animal signs in circuses are another use of neon signs that spice up the place in a child-friendly manner. 
  3. Quotes and phrases: ‘Love Forever’, ‘Till Eternity’, ‘til Death’, Togetherness, Happiness forever, Be Kind are some of the small phrases that leave deeper impact when designed using neon signs. The phrases can be used at wedding venues, or at other parties that celebrate togetherness or promote a message of kindness or love. 
  4. Religious signs: The places of worship can be adorned with neon signs that are designed to implicate the religious symbol like Cross, Fire, Moon, Rosary and others. These signs look fabulous and also give a clear idea about the place of worship to the passersby from a distance.
  5. Couple names or their initials: This is one of the trendiest neon signs that are now being used extensively to adorn the wedding venues and anniversary parties. The names or initials of the celebrated couple can be converted into neon signs in eye-catching fonts. This makes the photography area more beautiful and exciting to be at.
  6. Stars and Moon: This is one of the loveliest ideas available to adorn the wall of the bedroom. When you want minimal light in the room and want to look it as romantic as possible, you can get the stars and moon shaped neon signs hung on the wall close to the bed. 

So, make your spaces more stylish with neon signs taking the above ideas. The neon light is one such material that can be transformed into uncountable designs and looks. More information on how to deck up the space with neon lights is available here.