How Managed Service Providers Optimize Document Workflow

A leading cause of revenue loss and increased costs for any type of business or office is inefficiency in workflows, bottlenecks and unproductive workforce. As such, managed print service providers like Green Office Partner are becoming more and more essential for their document workflow optimization expertise. The main idea of document workflow optimization is the improvement of a current workflow; it is to map out existing process steps to discover and understand pain points; highlight areas of opportunity and help companies find more efficient ways to work.

Rethinking workflows is an important part of the process of incorporating new technologies in any company’s business model. By assessing current workflows and uncovering inefficiencies and bottlenecks, businesses will be able to see opportunities to integrate new technological solutions to reduce the cost of these unproductive areas. Top print service providers in Chicago such as Green Office Partner have identified the three most common areas of inefficiency in businesses:

  • Manual data entry and reporting: a very time-consuming task that takes up many productive hours of different teams without truly contributing to a result-oriented outcome
  • Inaccurate data: as workflows are not streamlined or digitized, the company runs a higher risk of errors in numbers and data
  • Lack of communication: overlapping voices and confusion without streamlined processes and individuals or different teams will suffer from communication gaps or miscommunication

Green Office Partner will be able to help address the above points and provide a smarter workplace. But, it is important to remember that simply integrating new technologies or automations is not a panacea to solve all process hiccups. Therefore, a clear understanding of current processes is the foundation for different businesses to identify specific areas for change and assess which solution will best fit that spot.

Not only will document workflow optimization from Green Office Partner save any company time and effort in everyday processes and bigger movements, but it will also transform the workplace and increase productivity by turning bottlenecks into cost effective solutions. Some of the ways that workflow optimization solutions make a difference are shown in the following:

  • Streamlined processes create and maintain consistency: this gives company leaders and managers better control and insight into their processes and can provide employees a clear direction that improves collaboration and communication
  • Uphold standard operating procedures and policies: proper, clear, straightforward processes help companies control internal policies and changes making it easier to deal with problems or implement contingency plans
  • Pinpoint weakness quickly and more efficiently: company leaders and managers will be made more aware of gaps and missing elements in processes that allows them to deal with the deficiencies more proactively
  • Clearer strategic planning for long term goals: optimized workflow helps leaders see the path ahead more clearly, prepare for changes and plan for growth
  • Improved customer experience: customers feel and see when companies are operating poorly or efficiently; consistent processes and clear workflows are appreciated and equips employees with necessary tools to communicate well with all types of customers

The trick is to keep optimizing. Green Office Partner will work with their clients to continuously optimize processes in order to keep ahead of change and to better identify technological solutions to help businesses grow.