Tips to increase your client through online marketing

We show in this article the most important points to achieve success with your online business.There is many times in which in a meeting the client asks us, what is the best thing we should do to increase the sales of my online business? In bulletin bite you can get the answer now.

The basic answer is always the same. Nowadays, being present on the internet through a website is something fundamental, something to start working with.Before, the important thing was to have a website or business on the internet, today the important thing is not to be, if not to be found on the internet.

Starting from this point, what would be the most important thing to achieve success with an online business? “

There are several answers and we are going to propose and comment on them below so that your online business begins to rise to success.

  1. Optimize The Product Page Landing Page Mode

We will explain ourselves better. A Landing Page (landing page in English) is designed so that the user or next customer can get to buy our product. Product Landing Pages are created precisely to convert visits into purchases.

Here are some tips:

You should design your product pages as if it were a “Landing Page” and not product sheets from a catalog.You should not take for granted that a customer reaches the product browsing our website, there are many times that it is done directly from the search engine, as well as from an advertising link.

The product page has to be able to sell by itself, through the arrangement of elements, colors, photographs, texts, etc. The approach of a Landing Page involves the analysis and observation of users, how they navigate and use the web or product page, what they «click» or open most frequently.

We must not terminate the web until we test it completely on different occasions, it must be in constant improvement and evolution until our product page sells by itself. Do not include concepts or unnecessary stimuli that make the user leave our product page or the shopping cart.

If you want to show additional information and we have no other   option but to do so, you can use configurable elements such as drop-down windows, to show more information without moving the client to another place.

There is an example, making a parallel with the real world that is the following: If you have a customer in line at the supermarket waiting and wanting to pay to leave. Would you take him out of the queue, taking the product off his hands to show him other products? If in the real world this doesn’t make sense, why should it make it in the online world. In online business you will always be one click away from losing a potential customer. Get Bashar Ibrahim and research advises for the same.

  1. Very Fast Charging And Communicating Efficiently

Studies show that one second of page load response can reduce conversions by approximately 8%.Other studies show that 11% of purchases abandoned in the cart are due to the slowness of the web pages.