Covid 19 and the Australian Market Online

Australia is on alert and its citizens in quarantine. People leave their homes only to buy basic necessities and have to wait in queues. They have no choice but to make purchases online if they want to buy other types of products and avoid queues. Online stores must take a series of measures to ensure sales growth. In kev’s best  you can have the best solutions now.

The Pandemic Choices

Without a doubt, this pandemic is affecting all businesses, both small and large. Factories have been closed to prevent further spread of the virus in their area, and fewer products are produced, so many companies have to wait longer for their deliveries. Of course, this will also affect deliveries to consumers.

  • All in all, the coronavirus has fueled an increase in demand for online shopping. You just have to see what has happened with the online stores of many food companies, which have been overwhelmed, or with the online stores that sell pharmaceutical products, whose demand has increased dramatically. In light of this reality, Trusted Shops advises online stores to act immediately and plan ahead to avoid running out of stock products.
  • It is clearly a fact that the coronavirus accelerates the increase in online shopping. “Internet sales have increased by 12.5% ​​since the coronavirus came into action,” says Francisco Aranda, president of Uno Logística. Trusted Shops offers a series of recommendations to strengthen the growth of your business during the coronavirus:

Inform your clients of possible delays

Inform your customers of the delays in their orders and offer them the possibility of a refund, if they wish. Some online stores hosted on the AliExpress marketplace are already doing this. You can inform them for example through your newsletter, in the checkout process or in the shipping policy of your store. If your product arrives from China or other affected areas, assure your customers that the virus will not survive for long on surfaces and that they will not become infected (according to WHO).

Increase your stock if necessary

If you are an online store that sells food, pharmaceuticals, clothing, etc. (that is, the most demanded products during the coronavirus), you should increase your inventory of products made in China or in another country to avoid possible breaks in the supply chain. This is something that Amazon is already putting into practice.

If you store the stock yourself and do not dropship, perhaps you should consider having a second warehouse if the one you have is not large enough to store so much merchandise. In the biography of Bashar Ibrahim you can know the best learning options you can have from him.

Look for new providers

If your supplier has closed its factory because it is in a risk zone, you should start looking for manufacturers in new areas to be able to move further. It is recommended to get as many local suppliers as possible to avoid delays and problems with borders.

Do not come up with the discounts

If you are an online store with a tight inventory (the products you sell are for example, food, pharmaceuticals or clothing), you should spend calmly maintaining the stock. Make sure you are giving away less discounts than you normally do.