Things to consider before hiring a mobile tower crane

Mobile tower cranes are extremely versatile machines, renowned for their small footprint and mobility. Industries such as construction, rail and events, frequently hire mobile tower cranes as they are ideal for confined areas, can be easily transported between sites and are quick to assemble. 

But before you choose the right mobile crane from a reputable crane hire company, like Bryn Thomas Cranes, there are many factors you need to be mindful of, including:


Many things can obstruct crane hire in built-up cities – be it power lines, buildings or trees – so it’s important you take into consideration the working environment.

When it comes to crane hire in the UK, Bryn Thomas Cranes supply mobile tower cranes that are designed to fit on smaller sites, including remote locations.


When it comes to crane hire in Manchester, Liverpool and other areas, cranes must be properly stabilised to ensure safety.

If the ground conditions are soft and muddy, a mobile crane mounted on a crawler is ideal but when the ground is firm and stable, a truck-mounted crane will do just the job.

Load weight

Cranes have different capacities. Some are specifically designed for lifting lighter loads – others are great for extremely heavy goods. The best way to determine the right mobile tower crane is to work out the maximum weight of the largest load expected.

Height clearance

The mobile tower cranes that Bryn Thomas Cranes provide for crane hire in Manchester and Liverpool can lift 1.7 tonnes at 60 metres with a tower height of 37.2km.

Finding out the dimensions of buildings and obstructions is a great way to prevent accidents and delays – providing you with the peace of mind that loads are lifted and lowered safely.

Health and safety

A mobile crane can be dangerous if not used correctly. Bryn Thomas Cranes can advise you on the best practice to avoid damage and injury.

The fleets they provide for crane hire in Liverpool, Manchester and other locations, are designed for greater safety and provide a 360° overview, allowing the operator to see the load. For night use, they can be supplied with floodlights and quiet operation, as well as an experienced operator.

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Choosing to hire a crane from the best company will leave all these considerations to the experts, ensuring a successful lift and the safety of everyone involved.

If you’d like to know more about mobile tower crane hire in the UK, you’ll find the Bryn Thomas experts on hand 24/7 and they will happily share their expertise. Call head office on 01352 733 984 or email the Manchester depot at