The Common Ways Flyer Distribution Companies in Birmingham Get the Job Done

Before you start a business in Birmingham, you should know everything about the city. You can find that the city of Birmingham has at least 43,950 businesses ranging from small to large-scale ones.

With so much competition, it can be extremely difficult for startup businesses, especially when other bigger businesses have already started selling the products or services, and have very high marketing budgets.

So, what can you do if you want to compete with these well-established businesses? You can’t possibly run elaborate marketing campaigns to attract customers, as you don’t have the financial resources for it.

In such a case, it might be time for you to go old-school. You can look for marketing companies offering Birmingham flyer distribution services and use them to tap into the offline consumer market, since not everyone is online all the time.

If you were previously unaware of this medium of advertising, here’s some information to help you understand how effective and useful they are.

What is a Flyer Distribution Company? 

Before doing anything else, you need to understand what a flyer, leaflet, or pamphlet distribution company does.

As the name suggests, they are a company that can help your business in Birmingham distribute flyers to the public. They are perfect for many startup businesses that do not have enough people to help the distribution of flyers, pamphlets, and leaflets.

Most businesses hire them because of their effectiveness in distributing flyers or leaflets to everyone around Birmingham. They also have methods they follow to ensure that they distribute the leaflets and pamphlets effectively. You can find three methods that they use for the distribution process.

Method #1: Hand to Hand Leaflet Distribution Method 

The first method, most commonly used by most Birmingham flyer distribution companies, is hand to hand distribution.

This is done by hiring brand ambassadors who hand out a leaflet or pamphlet containing your promotional material such as offers, prices, discounts, etc., to customers passing by, ensuring that your flyers reach your intended audience.

The best companies also know which areas are packed with people, and what times are best for flyer distribution, and can use this knowledge to ensure a high conversion rate from your flyer distribution campaign.

While they are giving out the leaflets in Birmingham, they also keep track of how many people received them. They give this information to the business as it helps them judge the effectiveness of the campaign by looking at the corresponding rise in sales or even product inquiries.

Method #2: Letterbox Leaflet Distribution Method

Besides walking through the streets of Birmingham and giving out the leaflets, they can also distribute them by using the letterbox leaflet distribution method. If your products or services are designed for homeowners, you can consider leaving your pamphlets or leaflets in their letterboxes.

You can give the distribution company in Birmingham the areas where you want them to send your business’s leaflets and pamphlets.

Method #3: Direct mail leafleting Method

The distribution company can always do the direct mail leafleting method if you have specific clients in Birmingham that you want to target. It is the most effective way to target individual customers or improve your customer retention.