The Bright Future Of NYSE ASH

NYSE: ASH at is the stock of Ashland Global Specialty Chemicals Inc. It is an American Speciality Chemicals Company. ASH was started in Ashland, Kentucky, in the year 1924. In 1999 they shifted their headquarters to Covington, Kentucky. It is one of the few companies that has been through World War II times and survived. Until recently, Valvoline was manufactured primarily by Ashland Global Holdings Inc.

Currently, it’s business units include:

  • Chemical Intermediates and Solvents
  • Composites
  • Industrial Specialities
  • Personal and Home Care
  • Pharmaceuticals & Health Wellness

Ashland Global Holdings Inc. is an old establishment that has a lot of experience in the stock market. While investing in NYSE: ASH, you can analyse all its past performances to get a view of the situation. It has a long history to fall back on which makes the company and its stock a trustworthy one. ASH is a stock of high interest and hence always stays active. Last week Ashland declared a $0.275/share quarterly dividend. This company was also regarded as the top 3 picks of 2020 by analysts.


They released their IPO in August of 1980. NYSE: ASH has proven as a major investment win for a lot of traders. 63.64% of the analysts suggest BUY, and 18.18% suggest STRONG BUY. 18.18% also suggest HOLD, and none suggest SELL or expect it to UNDERPERFORM. It reached its 52 week low of 38.88 in March 2020 and a 52 week high of 81.82 in February 2020. The company has a Market Cap of $4.65 Billion. Analysts have an optimistic outlook with the target prices. NYSE: ASH has an average price target of 89.67. The higher target would be 106.00. It can go as low as 78.00. GNUS, TSLA, IDEX, and SPY are some of the other stocks in that sector of the market.

Unfavourable Foreign currency rates are affecting the sales of Ashland. Last year’s losses are also making the statistics of the company a little week. Their cost reduction plan is working just fine, and they aim towards run-rate savings of $40 million till the end of fiscal 2020. But they have still managed to impress every analyst and reviewer. The company is not at its best but seems to be going to a position far more beneficial soon. That is making the traders as well as analysts curious about the stock. It’s the right time to invest because it all seems optimistic in the future, which says for a great investment for the trade desk stock

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.