Practical Tips to Extend the Life of Your Parking Lot

There is a difference between a repair and maintenance! Especially the cost associated with the two makes a huge difference! A well-constructed parking lot with a precise design will provide many years of useful service, but only regular maintenance will help prevent more significant and expensive repairs from occurring.

A parking lot is like any other normal surface, except it endures a lot of pressure on the concrete and asphalt surfaces by the vehicles that drive and park on it all day long. Parking lots should be maintained the same way as that you would care for other products. Just like other products parking lots get damaged due to extreme weather, water, sun, and oxidation, if left untreated even a parking lot will be ruined.

Here are some tips for parking lot maintenance in St Louis MO

  • Manage the Load

If it is an option try to avoid heavy commercial vehicles like garbage trucks or delivery trucks into your property. These vehicles usually carry a lot of weight and can slowly destroy your pavement. The best way to avoid the entry of trucks into your property is to move your garbage boxes close by the main road, where the trucks can easily access them, without destroying your pavement. This is one way of saving your expenses on pavement maintenance in St Louis MO.

  • Fix the Drainage Problems around the Parking Lot

A bad drainage system will lead to clotting of water on the parking lots resulting in hydroplaning, creating cracks, potholes and other bigger expenses. An asphalt repair St Louis MO specialist can assist in finding the drainage problems if any, and let you know your options to let the water naturally flow off your property.

  • Seal-coating

This is one of the essential steps that can help prevent the occurrence of any further damage to the paving material of the parking lot. The sealant has the ability to not only safeguard asphalt, but it also helps maintain the new look for a longer time. It also has the ability to block the asphalt pores, preventing the entry of chemicals, water, oil and other materials from invading the surface. It is advised to always consider asphalt sealing in St Louis MO, during your installation of parking lot surfaces.

  • Get Rid of Cracks 

Parking lot crack sealing in St Louis MO is a must in prolonging the life of asphalt. It is because, the chances of water moving into these cracks are higher without crack sealing and can cause huge damage to your investment.

  • Proper Cleaning is Essential

Regular and proper cleaning will not only improve the appearance of your parking lot, but it will also help prevent future damages that might be caused by the debris and helps find any crack or drain issues, that require immediate attention.

A good preventive maintenance program can actually help you save a lot of money in the long run, while offering a surface that is appealing, easy to clean and that lasts for years to come.

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