Natural Gas

No we are not talking about flatulence. We are talking about a renewable resource from the earth. Given by its name, natural gas occurs naturally within the layers of the Earth. It is a renewable resource that is processed into many different variants and sold and traded for consumption across the world.

What it Natural Gas?

Natural gas is a naturally occurring gas mixture in the earth’s layers. It is also called fossil gas that is farmed deep within the earth. Natural gas began forming millions of years ago from the buildup of remains from animals and plants in the thick layers of the earth. Heat and pressure changed some of the carbon and hydrogen rich material into natural gas. In large part it is found and mined from the ground in Middle Eastern countries and exported to the U.S. for processing and distribution. 

How and where is Natural Gas Found

Natural gas can be found in large spaces and cracks of overlying rock referred to conventional natural gas. It can be found in tiny pores or sedimentary rocks called unconventional natural gas. Some natural gas is found with crude oil deposits called associated natural gas. Deposits of natural gas may be found offshore and on land beneath ocean floor. 

Geologists discover natural gas deposits by looking for formations where there is chance of large deposits. They also use seismic surveys; seismic surveys create seismic waves in the earth. Seismic surveys can be done on land or in the ocean. 

How Do We Get Natural Gas and What Do We Do With Natural Gas

Once geologist find natural gas they find a company like Delek Drilling to drill an exploratory well. If there is sufficient natural gas found, then the drilling company will drill gas wells. Natural gas is withdrawn from wellheads to be processed. 

Once the natural gas has been withdrawn it is sent to processing plants. Water vapor and non-hydrocarbon compounds are removed. Once processed and separate into wet and dry gases they are sent out to distribute for consumption. Natural gas is exported and traded amongst countries around the world for money. The largest number of sales and trades of natural gases and crude oil tends to come from the Middle East. We need it to make our cars run, cook our food, heat our homes and in some areas have electricity in general. 

Natural Gas

Natural gas is millions of years old; it is a valuable resource from the layers of the earth. It is a replaceable or renewable resource that is traded or sold for consumption. The gasoline we put in our cars is from natural gas, the gas (propane) we use in our grills or ovens at home are a natural gas product. There is a rather complex for finding and processing natural gas, leaving it a valuable resource to the consumer. If you have ever been to the last gas station around for miles you will know just how valuable that natural gas is to society.