How to Dispose Hazardous Business Waste Responsibly

Businesses in the construction, manufacturing or utilities industry usually deal with hazardous waste disposal regularly. However, if your business has recently begun to produce hazardous waste, you might not be aware of proper waste management practices. Read on to know how you can dispose of your business waste responsibly to ensure you do not harm the environment or humans.

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Here are stepwise instructions on how to dispose hazardous business waste responsibly.

  1. Classify the Waste to Confirm Whether It’s Hazardous

It is essential for you to detail the content of the waste your organization produces before sending it away for recycling or disposal. You should include the following in your description:

  • Waste classification code
  • Whether the waste is hazardous: Waste is generally viewed as hazardous if it is harmful to people, animals or the environment. Some examples of hazardous waste are asbestos, chemicals, batteries, pesticides, fridges, solvents, oils (apart from edible ones) and hazardous waste containers.
  • The sort of premises the waste comes from
  • The name of the substance(s)
  • The process that led to the creation of the waste matter
  • Chemical and physical analysis
  • Special issues, requirements and knowledge linked to the waste
  1. Separate And Store Any Hazardous Material Safely

Always store hazardous waste securely by using the tips below:

  • Store the waste in a safe location
  • Use appropriate containers that will inhibit the waste from escaping
  • Label all containers clearly with the sort of material they hold
  • Use covers to prevent the waste from being blown away
  • Utilize waterproof covers if rainfall could potentially lead to contaminated run-off

It’s important to note that it’s illegal to mix hazardous waste with non-hazardous or hazardous material. Doing so could lead to serious consequences.

  1. Use Authorised Waste Carriers to Gather, Recycle or Dispose Hazardous Waste

Make sure that your chosen waste carrier is certified and their dump sites have the necessary environmental permits. That’s because your organization is still responsible for the waste management even after it’s vacated your premise. Take the time to look for a reputable waste disposal company to safeguard your business.

  1. Complete the Applicable Areas of the Consignment Note

Consignment notes are necessary for transporting hazardous waste in the UK. The note must remain with hazardous waste until it reaches its destination. Visit the UK government website to know more about filling out consignment notes.

  1. Maintain Records For Three Years at the Facility That Made or Stored the Waste

Don’t throw away the waste management records immediately after disposing of waste. Wait for up to three years, for legal purposes.

Final Thoughts

You must ensure that any hazardous waste your business produces or handles causes no harm or damage to the environment. At Oates Environmental Limited we can help you get rid of hazardous waste responsibly. No matter the size of your business, we strive to understand and comply with your requirements. We also dedicate time and resources to shoulder the burden of ever-changing legislations. Our waste disposal service is well-versed with environmental obligations for business and will be pleased to provide any advice.