How Do Quartz Crystals Work?


Devices such as oscillators use quartz crystals to great effect as a major part of their mechanisms. But how exactly does this system work? What are the properties of crystal quartz that help these devices to function?

Here, the experts at EuroQuartz explain how quartz crystals work in the context of electronic devices.

What are the Functions of Quartz Crystals in Electronic Systems?

Crystal quartz is formed of materials that resonate piezoelectricity. The crystal is distorted or vibrated using an electromagnetic field, and then that field is removed, causing the quartz to generate its own electronic field. It does this by oscillating in a precise frequency, and, as a result, produces a voltage that can then power other pieces of equipment, such as a watch.

Is There More Than One Type of Crystal Quartz?

Various types of quartz crystals can be used for different applications depending on their frequencies. They can be selected to oscillate from as little as double-figured kilohertz to hundreds of megahertz.

How Do Quartz Crystals Tend to Be Used?

It’s possible to use quartz crystals as a way of independently powering watches and other timepieces without a battery, as previously mentioned. However, they can also be employed in even more sophisticated mechanisms such as signal generators within radio and communication devices. For this reason, quartz crystals are often used to great effect within the aerospace, telecommunications, electrical engineering, medical and defence industries.

How Can I Locate the Right Crystal Quartz Products for My Projects?

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