Great Options for the Perfect Use in the Canadian Pharmacy Now

According to data from the National Association of Master Pharmacists, handling pharmacies today represent more than 10% of the entire drug market in Canada, this represents a financial movement of more than $ 6 billion dollars. The availability of raw materials to meet all medical specialties and the reduced cost of medicines justify this rapid growth, observed even in the crisis scenario in which the country is going through.

With the expansion of this market it is very common for doctors to choose manipulated drugs, even for the many advantages that it presents, but often leaves it to the patient to choose a reliable pharmacy.

But what are the criteria that define a pharmacy as reliable or not? Although there are several laws that regulate the industry, unfortunately there are still handling pharmacies that do not meet the minimum rules to deliver a quality end product. The use of the Canadian pharmacy can be a perfect option here.

Here are items to note for you to choose a good handling pharmacy:

  1. Visible Permits

By law, all pharmaceutical establishments must keep in a place visible to the public, the business license, sanitary license and the Certificate of Regularity of the Regional Pharmacy Council. These documents indicate that the site has been inspected and is fit to perform its activities.

  1. Present pharmacist

Ask if the pharmacist is present. According to Law No. 5.991 / 73 the pharmacist must be present throughout the opening hours, including lunch breaks, ie if the pharmacy is open, you must have a pharmacist to serve you. There is not? Look for another pharmacy.

  1. Site organization and cleaning

It sounds obvious, but that’s fine, considering that the customer service location is an extension of the company, and the laboratories and areas where the public can’t access it will be clean and organized less thoroughly.  It is Dirty and disorganized care, very dirty and disorganized laboratories.

  1. Quality Control Report

After 2007 all handling pharmacies have to maintain a quality control laboratory, and must carry out some analyzes before placing the raw material for sale. Ask the attendant for the quality control report, if this report is in your hands within minutes it means the company has a quality control lab that works. If the clerk does not get the report immediately give up the purchase, it is a sign that the pharmacy has no quality control, or has the laboratory, but does not do the analysis.

  1. Online Relationship

This is easy, Google other people’s opinions for complaints or compliments. Serious companies have a close relationship with their customers also in the virtual world.

  1. Price compatible

The price factor is very interesting in handling pharmacies, because in fact it is they who set their final price, taking into account all factors that influence the value of the product. Be wary of extremes, very low prices can mean near-expiring raw materials or simply that the pharmacy does not maintain serious quality control procedures. Always go for the average market value, avoid abusive prices, some companies try to use consumer psychology, where high price is associated with quality products.