Facts that you should know about Polyester Yarn and Fabric

Polyester has now become one of the predominant materials for textiles for the last few years. This is attributed to the immense benefits of this fabric and yarn. It is estimated that polyester has a 75% adoption rate in textiles across the globe.  The increasing popularity of this material has led to an explosion in its production. However, there is still some stigma when it comes to its use in fashion because it is a synthetic fabric and not natural like wool, cotton, and silk. Although it is not a natural fabric, polyester has its benefits. Read on to learn more about polyester.

What Is Polyester?

Polyester refers to a textile or fabric that is made from polyester fibers and yarns. It is a short form for a man-made polymer called polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Polyester is manufactured by mixing terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol.

History of Polyester

Polyester was first invented in the year 1941 by British chemists John Rex Whinfield and James Tennant Dickson. Polyester because quite popular in the 1970s because it was extremely advertised as a miracle fiber that can be worn continuously for 68 days without the need for ironing and will still look good and presentable. It was used to make the shiny and coastal and marine recycled plastic textiles looking suits that were popular in the 70’s. Due to this polyester was known as an uncomfortable and cheap fabric and has lots of controversy surrounding it. 

Uses of Polyester

Many people buy Polyester High Tenacity Yarn because of its many uses. Polyester yarns can be used in the fashion industry, fleeces, sportswear, footwear, making of coats, sewing threads, and beddings like sleeping bags, duvet covers, and sheets. Polyester is also used for filling duvets because of its insulating properties and in making textiles, upholstery and soft furnishings. Industrial polyester fibers are used to make seat belts, conveyor belt fabrics, and plastic reinforcements. 

Characteristics of Polyester

 Polyester is a durable material and it is resistant to a variety of chemicals.  This fabric is popular in the fashion industry owing to its resistance to stretching, wrinkling, shrinking, and abrasions. The fibers that are used to create this fabric or yarn are lightweight yet very strong.  In addition, it tends to retain its shape quite well and can easily be dyed into different colors. Polyester fabrics are easy to take care of and due to its quick drying characteristic; it is a popular choice for making outdoor clothing. 

Reasons to Choose Polyester

Polyester is a popular choice for clothing because the fibers are heat sensitive or thermoplastic. Therefore, with 100% polyester fabrics, one can get permanent pleats or decorative patterns or shapes laser-cut into them. They are also resistant to stain and an excellent choice for cleaning. Since 100% polyester is susceptible to static buildup, it is usually blended with stable fibers like cotton. This results in polycotton fabric that exemplifies the advantages of both fabrics such as durability, strength, breathable, and wrinkle resistance.

It is without a doubt that polyester has a wide range of beneficial uses in different sectors. Unlike polyester in the 70s, modern polyester has been transformed tremendously and is now considered a high-grade fiber. With technological advances, the drape, look, and feel of this fiber have been dramatically improved. This is why high brands buy Polyester High Tenacity Yarn to increase ease of care, durability, and electrifying effects.