Different Types of Silicone Rubber Tubing & Its Benefit

Silicone rubber is a very flexible material that is being used in industry like automotive, food & Beverage industry, powder coating industry, medical industry. Silicone tubing is available in various type of grades and structures majorly from three different groups, like medical and food grade, general purpose and for high pressure. When application required high pressures or need to cure from high to low temperature, silicone rubber plays very important role and can be most suitable material that adjust easily in various type of application. However, feature silicone’s basic characteristics of best thermal qualities, low toxicity, and very good flexibility that other material don’t have.

The Compounds used in the manufacture of silicone rubber tubing all possess the basic spectrum of beneficial characteristics inherent in silicone rubber. These contains very good resistance to temperature extremes, no taste and emissions, no toxicity with good flexibility. When it comes to enhanced additional features like chemical spices and reinforcing braids, silicone rubber tubes feature many other advantages over and above the latent qualities of silicone rubber.

So these makes silicone rubber tubing a perfect option for applications like as automobile industry, medical and food industries, chemical manufacturing process, powder coating industry, and for domestic use also.

Silicone Rubber Tubing Features &Applications

Company like Elastostar Rubber Corp manufacture, wide-ranging range of silicone rubber tubing. With various type of sizes, you will be assured to get silicone rubber suitable to your application.

  • As silicone rubber is having good physical properties it is flexible and can be stretched without tearing and that is the key feature that makes silicone rubber to get adjust in number of application. That also means that the material will worked round and round without weakening. It’s also very easy to wrap up and store the tubing when it is no in usage.
  • The material is non-toxic, it has the capability to survive in high or low temperature range.These properties make it desirable in a whole range of industrial and household applications.
  • The another quality of silicone rubber is it has the translucent quality, so it is also suitable for specialist functions. And that is why it is also used for transporting food products and powders, while it also gives operators some visibility of the inside of the tube.
  • Silicone rubber has good chemical resistance also, which means that it is easy to clean and sterilise the tubes.Smaller sized tubes are often used as cable sleeves and other electronic applications since silicone tubing has great climate, UV, radiation and ozone opposition.
  • Small tubing is mostly used for electrical& electronic industrial purposes because of having thin walls as well as flexibility.

Industry wise use of Silicone Rubber Tubing

  • Food Grade Silicone Tubing

Silicone rubber tubing is widely used in the industry of food and beverages. Food equipment manufacturers consider silicone rubber as one of the inherent properties in respect of performance over a broad temperature, flexibility and strength. Silicone rubber is an elastomer material of silicone used in industry on different level going with various formulations.

Silicone rubber made from two different polymers and it probably hold fillers to increase properties or ease the cost. Because of its property silicone rubber manufacturing is used in various variety of products like baking food, cooking and for food storage as well.

Dairy Products– Silicone Rubber is widely used in Dairy products, Dairy Tubing is used in milk and dispensation units. As of now, different types of silicone tubing have been established to complete different purposes. Silicone Dairy Tubing is indeed translucent and manufactured to go with the dairy industry and milk units’ concerned withspecifi0063 requirements.

Electrics & Electronics Equipment’s

In most of the equipment such as medical devices, radio control model, silicone rubber is most suitable material.It is protected with polyester. It is extensively used for different types of applications dedicated to radiators, coolers, and heaters. When it needed to go with tougher tubing, it requires reinforced tubing.


Silicone rubber tubing has long been used in vehicle engines. From vacuum lines to windshield washer fluid, high resistance to heat and moisture is one reason why silicone rubber molding is in high demand for tubing in today’s cars, trucks and SUVs.

Medical Equipment’s

Components to clinical gadgets utilized in steady medicinal services practice should be both tough and germ-safe. Adaptable silicone elastic tubing is utilized in stethoscopes and clinical checking gear that necessities to wear well with ordinary use. Exactly how stretchy the silicone elastic trim is can be different in the assembling procedure by following the creation terms.

Brief About Platinum Cured Silicone Rubber Tubing

Elastostar Rubber Corp manufacture Platinum Cured Silicone Tubing with a wide verity of extruded high-quality standard and all custom size silicone tubing, available in English and metric. We can make Silicone Rubber Tubing and hose to explicit size for your specific requirements, our item is creating under the severe organization of our quality creation group, so the extruded product meet your specific requirements. It also has suitable mixtures together with tolerance accuracy and color matching for high and low temperature necessities.

Why Choose Elastostar Rubber Corp?

Elastostar rubber Corp is one of the main maker of silicone elastic tubing, our assembling procedures, items and arrangements range different elastomer definitions to meet 3A Sanitary, FDA 21 CFR177.2600, USDA, USP CL-VI, NSF, NSF STD-51, UL, Military and Industrial/Commercial necessities.

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