6 Tips for Smooth Travel with Delta

When you’re flying, regardless of your chosen airline company, various things can happen like inclement weather delays or in-flight problems. What you can do is to be prepared or at least have an idea of how to cope up with some unexpected scenarios. As you begin your flight, be sure to check Delta Flight Tracker to be aware and to receive real-time notifications if there are any changes with regards to your flight. Aside from that, we’ve listed below some airline travel tips that will enlighten you on how to handle canceled flights and everything in between, all made possible with Delta.

When your flight is already canceled, there’s no need to wait at the gate desk

No need to feel discouraged over a canceled flight. The best thing you can do is to call your airline provider as you queue at the ticket desk. In that way, there’s a high probability that you’ll reach a phone agent first.

Don’t expect non-peak crowds during peak travel seasons

Much larger crowds tend to contribute to a more chaotic parking and drop-off situations and even a longer queuing line at security checkpoints. You need to plan ahead of time. In general, airports are mostly crowded during Monday mornings or Friday afternoons which are mostly business travelers. Also, in the summer months, recreational travelers are abundant. During Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Day are also the busiest week to fly.

During a long layover, you can visit the airport lounge

For those who are infrequent flyers, it’s really hard to avail and justify several-hundred dollars annual fees that are associated with airline lounges. In any case that you have a long-lay over, you can purchase a daily pass instead. It costs less than $60 for Sky Club, Admirals Club, and even United Club. It includes complimentary snacks, drinks, Wi-Fi access, and even shower suites.

Check-in ahead of time

Please be mindful of your flight. Checking-in earlier can save you valuable time at the airport. Also, you can earn bonus miles and even allows you to score a better seat location.

First Class is not the answer to escape motion sickness

There are times that last-minute upgrade might seem like a good idea especially if you often experience falling ill during your flights. The seats that can be found in the middle of an aircraft are well-suited for those with motion sickness. According to Patrick Smith, a renowned pilot, and author of Cockpit Confidential, a plane is similar to a seesaw. Once you’re seated in the middle, you don’t move that much.

Measure your carry-on and check-in luggage ahead of time

Please be advised that carry-on requirements differ depending on the airline. For Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and United Airlines, the standard dimension should be 9”x14”x22” although Southwest Airlines allows 10”x16”x24”. Before you pack and organize your things, be sure to confirm the space allotment and measurement of your bag. Make sure that you’ll follow this so-called golden rule for a stress-free air journey unless you want to find yourself struggling just to meet the requirements or the capacity stipulated.