Boxing Styles For Folding Cartons

When it comes to folding cartons or paper boxes, there is an array of choices. While you may be considering other options, it is necessary to understand that the variation in style will also bring about variation in dimensions. Tuck Top is one of the most common styles for folding cartons.

There are different boxing styles and patterns for you to consider. Some of the most common kinds of folding cartons style to consider the following

Reverse Tuck End Box Styles

The Reverse Tuck End Box Styles are usually taken into consideration to ensure proper packaging of small and thin products. In such types of boxes, the upper part tucks from the end to the front and the bottom one from front to end. Such boxing styles are used in cosmetic, health and beauty, electronics, pharmaceutical or nutraceutical industries.

The reverse tuck end box styles are one of the most prominent types of style and extremely beneficial. One of the major benefits of working with reverse tuck end box styles is that they are easy to assemble and allows compact storing. Moreover, they are pretty cost-effective, as well. However, reverse tuck end box may not work fine for heavier products. Also, they are not as beautiful as the other general storing options.

Straight Tuck End Box Styles

Unlike the general reverse tuck end box styles, the straight tuck end style is pretty convenient for it allows tucking from rear to front, in both upper and lower flaps. Straight Tuck end box styles are the ideal ones for cosmetics and health and beauty industry.

Straight tuck end boxes are pretty expensive and are helpful for luxurious items. They have a proper finish and look extremely beautiful. You can ensure the easy assembly of the products on such boxes. If you have been having an issue regarding storing, straight tuck end boxes allow compact storing as well. Not only is it helpful for heavy products but lighter ones as well.

Tuck Top Snap Lock Bottom

This box style is also referred to as 1-2-3 bottom style for it ensures closure in 3 different styles. Moreover, it is efficient as well for it allows proper storing of the products. This type of box styles is the most suitable for foods and toys industry.

Like all other box styles, it allows quick and compact storing. One major advantage of 1-2-3 box style is that it carries heavier items as well. However, the only disadvantage is that it takes a lot of time to be set-up.

You can always reach out to solution emballage Netpak for different printed folding carton boxes. Whether you are exporting or storing any product, these boxes can undoubtedly be the right choice for you.