5 Gold Coins That You Must Own If You Love Numismatics

The world of numismatics is an exciting place. Coins, tokens, bills, currencies, it’s like dating history right there on your table. Yes, it can become pretty expensive once you get to it more seriously, but it’s still a joyful ride.

If you’re into numismatics, check out this article where we’ll explain why you simply must have these 5 coins. Read on and find out.

1. The American Eagle

America – the greatest nation on Earth build on the foundation of the gold rush. What would symbolize it better than a beautifully made bullion with one of the most notable images of the American land – the Eagle.

The Eagle is printed on the front side and the reverse is the image of Lady Liberty holding a sword in its right hand. It’s amazing. This one consists of almost 80% of all the coins in the States. This just proves how popular and important it is.

Made with many different denominations and with 22K purity, it’s one of the most important and popular bullions in the world and the number one in the United States of America. You can find this and many others on some of the web pages that offer 1 oz gold coins for sale.

2. The South African Krugerrand

This is a piece that holds the number one place on the pedestal of numismatics in the world. By the year 1980, this one was responsible for over 80% of the world’s collection of gold coins. Impressive, huh?

The word Krugerrand is a combination of the last name of the late country’s president Kruger, and the South African currency called Rand. The front side is the face of the president and on the reverse is a beautiful small deer.

It is made with a 99.99% 24K quality and the weight is 1.09 troy ounce. The first time it was released was 1967 and it is still in production until today. It survived the apartheid and lots of political instabilities in the country over the decades.

3. The Austrian Vienna Philharmonic Euro

First released in 1989, the Austrian 100 denominated Euro is amazingly beautiful bullion. The all famous Vienna Philharmonic is printed on the front side and instruments from it on the reverse. This is one of the most important cultural symbols of Austria, as this land is globally known for its contribution to classical music.

In 2004 the Austrian government created the “Big Phil”. A 1000 troy ounce piece made of 24 karat gold with a 100.000 Euro denomination. It has a 37-centimeter diameter and is 2 centimeters thick. A real giant.

4. The Canadian Maple Leaf

This is another extraordinary piece. The Canadian Maple leaf is crafted beautifully and it looks like everything bullion should look like. On the front side is the face of Queen Elizabeth the Second where is also stamped the denomination of 50 Canadian dollars. On the reverse is a beautiful print of the famous Canadian maple leaf.

First minted in 1979 it is one of the most notable works in the world’s numismatics. It is something that every serious person dealing with this must have. The quality is 99.99% gold and the weight is exactly 1 troy ounce.

5. The Australian Nugget

The Australian nugget or the Kangaroo is one of the most famous bullions in the world. With an obverse side with Queen Elizabeth the Second printed and with a denomination of 100 Australian dollars, this piece is looking fabulous.

Australia is made by people who went there in the search for the most precious metal in the world at that time. That’s why the Australian government pay so much attention to creating amazing gold bullions that look extraordinary. This one is made of 99.99% purity and comes with lots of different sizes and denominations. Since 1991 there’s even a 1 kilo 24 karat coin that is looking staggering.


All these 5 samples are amazing and beautiful in their way. If you’re looking for a winner be sure that you won’t find one. They all have something special in them. However, if you’re a numismatic lover, you know that these are something you simply can’t miss in your collection. If you want to learn more about numismatics, click here.