All About GP3R Preview Cars Racing Event 

GP3R was set up for the first time in the year 1967 as being one of the primary motorsport enthusiasts. GP3R is among the leading members of the Club Autosport Mauritian (CAM). This department puts upon the decision to come across with the arrangement of race activities in the streets of city places. Different series of race or auto companies participate in this street race organization activity. In all such companies, we have the names of NASCAR Pinty’s Series, Nissan Micra Cup and famous Canada F1600 that will provide a high-level spectacle for the spectator’s entertainment! Over the years many new businesses like Skoda Personal Lease have taken hold and now stand firm in the international stock market.

Date Announcement of GP3R 2019 Event:

NASCAR car racing exciting weekend will be starting from 9th August 2019 till 11th August 2019. This year will be coming across as 45th time in the previous 50 editions where these capricious, series of open-wheeler will be racing around straight away on the GP3R road course.

Nascar Pinty’s

The NASCAR Pinty’s Series is abbreviated as NASCAR! This is a well-known racing series in place of Canada. It is one racing in the US that is entirely a continuation as interlinked with the old CASCAR Super Series. It was founded in the year 1981. Pinty will make its way into the second street course with the wild wet winter swing. This is for the 12th time that NASCAR will be associating it with this racing event. In the previous championships too, NASCAR has always stood on the top rating line with their brilliant drivers taking into account. Some of the renowned drivers are Cale Gale, Jason Bowles, plus Timmy Hill, as well as Tony Stewart, Dave Blaney, and Austin Dillon

Coupe Nissan Micra

Coupe Nissan Micra was presented by JD Promotion & Competition Inc in the collaboration of Nissan Canada.  Couple has been associated with GP3R for the past 24 editions of racing events. Their drivers have all the time stood on the ranking charts every single series.  Their best drivers are Valérie Limoges who race around six times and stayed on top position. Éric Chaput (R) (S)  also race around six times with the top-ranking and then we have Olivier Bédard who ran a maximum three times and stayed in 3rd spot ranking too.  Even if banks do consider giving loans to businessmen then they need a certain amount of assurance that the start-up will not fail and if it does then they bank can still be reimbursed by the client who took the loan for Skoda Secondhand Car.