AI Accountant Chai Chung Hoong tells You What to Consider before opting for a Singapore shell company on sale

For those who aren’t aware, shell companies are fully functional legal entities which have no activity. These in the industry call these companies in a dormant state with no profit, no loss, no activity in general. If you do want the best deal, there are some important factors you need to take note before you finalise the deal. To help you identify the best Shell company for sales, AI Accountant Chai Chung Hoong who is an accounting expert has sorted through all the necessary information that you need to know about.

For the best deals, it is very important to ensure that you focus on these pointers about the Singapore shell company for sales that we are talking about. 


When it comes to the purchase or hand over of a shell company, the very first thing that you need to focus on and know about is the profile. Knowing the profile helps understand half the problem. It gives you a basic idea about the company and even helps you plan your strategy to become the next big thing in the market.

In this case, we are going to discuss a shell company based out of Singapore, so the pointers include:


With the basic details about the profile, the next thing that you need to focus on is the kind of information that you need to know about and the compliance with The Company Act that you need to follow. There are technically several factors, some of them include:

  • Details about the personal particulars of the new shareholder
  • Hold an appointment for the new director of the company
  • Look for nominee director to fulfil statutory requirement of resident director if you are a foreigner
  • Go through the services and the factsheet of the business so that you have followed due diligence compliance review


The purchase of a shell company gets you several things. The services are possibly one of the highlights when it comes to the purchase. But, even with this, there are certain things that you do need to be aware of. Some of the services that you are bound to get with such kind of services include:

  • Complete transfer of the company share
  • Proper assistance in helping open up a bank account in Singapore for further transactions for the business
  • Provisions of the pertinent documentation and the process associated with it
  • You can also get the registered address services so you do not need to purchase your own properties for your new business

These are some of the basic services that you can get with the same. If you have been on the lookout for the shell company and want to buy it, there are some important factors that you need to keep in mind. These are some of the important insights and professional business advices provided by AI Accountant Chai Chung Hoong that can come a lot in handy when you think of making such transactions Best Chicago Blogger