Wish To Invest In Scotch Whiskey Business? – The Secret Guide To Pick The Best

People who are fond of various kinds and flavours of whiskey and scotch are always excited about new and exciting flavours that can turn them on. With a wide variety of high-quality scotch brands flooding the market and high demand, it is great to think of earning through Whiskey business. Not everyone is aware of the best whiskey. 

As a whiskey business owner, it is imperative to know the types, the regions from where the best Scotch comes and also the brands. To be a preferred supplier, you need to first master the trade. With that, you can build a loyal and ever-returning customer base, if the product you stock has quality.

All over the world, there are many suppliers of whiskey and scotch drinks. Alexander Johnson Whisky is a reputed name when it comes to supplying premium grade single-malt Scotch for a variety of whiskey business investors. Sourcing from the best of places across Scotland, you get nothing but the best from Whiskey Cask Company.

If you are serious about whiskey business investment, it is worth knowing the different types. Based on the various kinds of raw materials and also the flavour or taste of the whiskey that you like, there are different kinds of whiskey and scotch drinks, most of which are branded. Here are some of the most popular types of whiskey that you can choose from.

Different Popular Whiskey Types

Malt Whiskey

Malt whiskeys are considered to be the best quality whiskeys that anyone can get. It is made from malted barley and is distilled into pot fills. Although the process of malting is quite elaborate and time-consuming, the result gives you the best quality of malt whiskey products. Lagavulin 16Y, Ardbeg 10Y, and Balvenie 12Y are some of the best malt whiskeys.

Blended Whiskey

Blended whiskeys often contain a mixture of various whiskeys like malt and grain whiskeys. Although these whiskeys differ in their types, most of them have the same origin. The main characters of the whiskeys depend on the ratios of the containing ingredient whiskeys.  Most of these whiskeys contain grain whiskey in greater content that malt whiskey. 

Single Pot Still Whiskey

Single pot still whiskey is a quite special type of whiskey mostly used in Ireland. It generally contains grain and un-malted barley and is distilled into pot stills. Jameson 12Yis an example of a single pot still whiskey.

Grain Whiskey

Grain whiskey is made from grains and not malted barley. The grains can be of any type, even a mixture of grains. These whiskeys are often used for the production of blended whiskeys. 

There is a large variety of types and brands of whiskeys. The production of these whiskeys is done in such a way that they can be easily trusted and used.