Why establish an organic ingredient-based skincare business in India

Harsh chemicals corrode our skin. It’s high time that we start to look for organic alternatives in the skincare business. Cementing a good position in the industry would require blood, sweat and toil, but the effort is worth it. In this article we will talk about castor oil products and how it can benefit our skin!

Castor oil can make for excellent organic skincare products. A part of the RicinusCommunis family, the plant is grown primarily in India, South America & Africa. India is believed to be the leading producer of castor oil. We believe it would not be too hard to bring in castor oil in the mainstream cosmetic products. Now is the time replacing harsh chemicals with castor oil. According to the safety reviews of castor oil published back in 2002, castor oil was used in around 1000 cosmetic products.

How to cement castor oil’s position by spreading awareness?

It can be safely inferred that this oil has deep-conditioning properties and aids cell repairing. Hydrogenated castor oilin cosmetics does extend beauty & wellness benefits. Castor oil can act as a very good sunscreen. It protects the skin from tanning. The moisturizing properties of castor-oil make the skin supple. The presence of this oil in skin-care products induces hydrating properties to the skin. Castor oil can even be used in lip-balms and eye-liners. We just need to spread the word. A proper marketing strategy can make this vegetable oil a leading organic skin-care product in India!

Castor oil as a soap-ingredient

Castor oil has unique properties. Its viscous texture and mild smell has uses in the soap-manufacturing industry. The bubbles have been known to have cleansing properties. Owing to the lathering ability, it is excellent for bubble bath.

Industries are doing their best to make people better informed. Castor-oil seeds are pressed in order to extract oil within. Castor-oil has 90%ricinoleic acid, around 5% oleic acid and 5% linoleic acid. The presence of these acids makes castor oil an excellent bath & beauty product.

Castor oil has glycerinelike properties

Pure glycerine is a great skincare product. Castor oil has a lot of similarities with pure glycerine. If we can educate the people about this, a swarm of people will be driven towards castor oil. The thick and sticky texture is common in both cases. Castor-oil is a wondrous leave-on product. Also, its shelf-life is very long. One does not have worry about it going bad too soon. A good marketing campaign needs to focus on these minute details.

In soaps, the percentage of castor-oil remains around 5%. Higher amount of castor oil does make soaps sticky. Hence, it would not be ideal for use. Castor oil produces sticky bubbles to make our skin plump. One can easily go for DIY-soap bars. All you need is castor oil, baking soda, glycerine, some scent &colour. The recipes are very easy to customize.

Why we need castor oil products in the market?

Castor oil fights acne & pimples

Castor oil has excellent skin benefits. In this segment we would discuss why we must bring castor oil to the mainstream.

Now, acne is a problem with every woman in her 20’s. We tend to prick and burst acne. But it is not the right way of doing things. Oil application makes skin greasy and triggers more acne. This is the most common notion amongst women. But the case has been very different with castor oil. It rather reduces inflammation of the skin and restores its moisture balance. Apply oil gently onto the skin and keep massaging in circular motions. You can leave-on overnight & then wash-off. Use steam treatment on the skin so the oil gets better absorbed.

Prevents hair-loss

Try applying castor oil mixed with fenugreek seeds at least once every week. This hair mask will have umpteen benefits. Hair fall is a problem with every woman in this era. Castor oil can prevent hair-loss. Now, this comes as a relief to most women of this generation. Castor oil makes the hair-roots very strong. This fact has been established by well-known dermatologists of the country.

Castor oil can cure stye infection

Organic cold pressed castor oilhas antibacterial properties. If you’re languishing with stye infection, try applying castor oil over the ailing region. Applying just a drop 2-3 times a day will bring immense relief. For effective results keep following the same regimen for a week straight. And, you will be able to witness improved results.

Treats wrinkles

Castor oil is a natural remedy for wrinkles. It absorbs through the skin & boosts the formation of collagen. The element called collagen has healing properties. This hydrates and softens our skin thereby making it look taut & supple. Castor oil smoothens the skin-surface. Do apply a very small portion on the wrinkled area and leave-on overnight. You will be able to see visible changes in some days.

Soothes dry skin

Castor oil brings immense relief to patchy skin. Ones ailing with scaly feet can use castor oil. Castor oil exfoliates our feet by bringing in softness.

Dry skin and dry hair has been a problem with many. Using castor oil once or twice a week can heal patchy or scaly regions. But here comes the word of caution! Remember no treatment is to be done excessively. Dry skin can be a resultant of dry climate or even increasing pollutants. So, do not be too harsh on your skin. Applying little amounts of castor oil on the body may keep it moisturized and hydrated as well. During the winter season castor oil shields our skin from dry heat & dust particles.

Pharmaceutical grade castor oil is slowly becoming mainstream as people have started to discard harsh chemicals. A little more awareness can cement its position in the beauty & wellness segment in India.

In the end

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