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What to do with waste left over from Christmas? - Fond Sector B

What to do with waste left over from Christmas?

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year…but with beautifully wrapped presents and so much delicious food, you’ll inevitably have a lot more waste to dispose of from your home in Chorley. Instead of leaving it to Boxing Day to think about waste disposal, get ahead of yourself and assess the different options available to you now.

Donate it

Charities are always looking for generous donations – be it toys that are no longer played with or clothes that don’t fit. If you’ve had a Christmas clear out, consider bagging up items that are in great condition and take them to your local charity shop.

Over the festive period, most people are guilty of buying too much food, making sure they have enough food to go round on Christmas Day. But what will you do with leftover food? As Christmas is a time for giving, why not donate tins of food or unopened packets to your local food bank?

Bin it

Whether it be cardboard from kid’s toys or plastic from food packaging, you can always recycle it at home. Make sure you familiarise yourself with council collections as these can change over the festive season.

When it comes to throwing out your real Christmas tree, Chorley council recommends that you remove all decorations and cut up the tree into smaller parts so it can fit in the grey wheelie bin and be composted. Skip hire is also an alternative for Christmas tree disposal.

Hire a skip

If you’re expecting to have a lot of leftovers this Christmas, it may be worth hiring a skip from a reputable company, like Skips Preston. They specialise in domestic skip hire Chorley and can deliver skips to a location of your choice.

Domestic skips are great for all kinds of waste, including pine Christmas trees, damaged furniture and old equipment.

Skips Preston are only off on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years’ Day, so you needn’t worry about having your skip delivered or collected on time. They make skip hire Chorley as easy as possible and offer a cost-effective solution for disposing of leftovers from the holiday season.

Always on hand to help, they will be more than willing to guide and advise you, making sure you get the most out of skip hire Chorley. Call 01772 827 603 or email to find out more.