What they do copywriters really do?

A copywriter is anyone who uses words to convince readers to take a course of action. Using common language, copywriters encourage readers to buy, donate, find information or anything else a company or organization may want. A copywriter can work in any medium, from television advertising and online marketing to direct mail and posters. Wherever words are used for sale, the copywriter has a job.

There is an important distinction between copywriters who work internally and independent copywriters. Internal copywriters are hired by the agency to write news on behalf of their clients or, possibly, a large company or organization that works exclusively on their content. Freelance copywriters work directly with the clients they find and are dedicated to their sales, marketing and administration in addition to their writing. Therefore, independent and internal copywriters may have completely different views, and this may affect customer decisions about where to write. For example, while the copywriter of an agency may know more about marketing, brand creation, and media buying, an independent employee can have a deeper understanding of the real details of running a business.

Get skills

Copywriters, of course, acquire skills in addition to simply writing, depending on the areas and media in which they work. For example, online copywriters in Melbourne tend to benefit from some understanding of HTML (the language in which web pages are written) and the most common methods of online marketing and advertising. SEO is a key factor, and online copywriters must learn to write copies that readers like and also indicate to search engines that a web page is relevant to certain keywords. In fact, in recent years there have been specialists in SEO copywriting, whose only focus is writing for web pages that are designed for high ranking in search engines.

Other writers work primarily in print media such as direct marketing or brochures. They will have more experience working with graphic designers, and they will probably understand well what works (and doesn’t work) in terms of design, color, and image. They can work (or work) in a marketing agency, working closely with art directors and designers to create the optimal combination of words, design, and images.

Writing attractive slogans

Advertising copywriters specialize in writing attractive slogans and relatively short and crisp copies for use in advertising. They often suggest creating concepts or “copy frames”, ideas that can become campaigns or advertisements. Usually, copywriters will be very creative, secondary thinkers. However, they may be less suitable for “long copies” of tasks, when the client requires a large amount of detailed and virtually accurate text with a uniform tone of voice. Such copywriting work may be more suitable for a specialist in writing B2B advertising texts or even for a copywriter who focuses on specific types of documents, such as white papers, case studies or research notes.