What Has Changed In Creating A Business In Dubai?

The ICP no longer provides residency stickers to foreign nationals until April 11, 2022. As evidence of their legal UAE residency, they will instead utilise their Emirates ID cards.

According to the ICP, the cancellation decision was made by the UAE Cabinet. It was a two-pronged strategy that aimed to reduce the number of processes required to obtain or renew a residency permit while promoting service improvement and implementing best practices.

Before, you had to submit separate applications for residency and Emirates ID. The application is now being submitted via a single, unified form. Additionally, this includes services for residence and identity card issuance and renewal. It also puts a stop to the time-consuming process of obtaining and giving back a resident’s passport to apply for the residency sticker. The Authority’s residency services have undergone change, which increases customer happiness and offers flexibility in the issuance and renewal processes.

You can also get an electronic copy of the ID card via the ICP’s smart application. This promotes usage flexibility and increases the ID card’s additional value in terms of verifying a person’s identification online.

How will airlines confirm your residency status?

Using the information on your Emirates ID and passport number, which comprises the residency information, airlines can confirm your residency. A passport reader can facilitate this.

When can your Emirates ID be renewed?

Six to one month before expiration, UAE citizens can renew their Emirates IDs. Only when a resident’s residency visa is extended or reissued can they submit a renewal application. You’ll have to pay a late fee if you don’t renew your expired ID within 30 days.

If you don’t renew your ID card, the ICP will text you are requesting you to do so. Your ID card can be renewed using the ICP website or a reputable typing service. You might need to go to one of ICP’s service centres to submit your biometric data.

How to change the information on your Emirates ID?

A change in an Emirates ID cardholder’s information must be reported within one month to the relevant ICP department. This rule applies to all Emirates residents, including nationals from other countries.

Why do businesspeople favor Free Zone?

Getting a first-rate address in a prime area is one of the main advantages of starting a business with us. Meydan Free Zone, housed in The Meydan Hotel, provides easy access to Downtown Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, and Dubai Media City. A premium business address also conveys a high level of status and can attract top-tier clientele.