Top tips for hiring people for the pharmaceutical industry

Hiring people for the pharmaceutical industry and allied life-science sectors can be an overwhelming task. Besides the traditional modules of sales & marketing, other important departments include regulatory affairs, clinic research, and medical affairs. Businesses are expected to fill up the roles in time, and that does impact their in-house work, because without a dedicated HR department, managing regular recruitment needs can be hard. On the other hand, candidates looking for emplois medical, often are not sure to how to find the right openings. There are also various kinds of roles – permanent, semi-permanent and temporary jobs – for each of which, people have to be hired through the right process. 

In this post, we are sharing a few tips that companies can use for hiring right people for the pharmaceutical industry. 

Get a recruitment consultant onboard

This makes a huge difference to the entire process. The pharmaceutical industry is complex, and to get right people for the right roles, recruitment consultants are critical. They don’t just minimize time and effort required for the recruitment process, but they also help clients in establishing a clear and transparent process in the first place. Thanks to their networking experience and expertise, they can fill up both conventional roles and specialized jobs, for which candidates have to be interviewed and reviewed more extensively. There are recruitment agencies that work specifically for pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, so finding one doesn’t have to be hard. 

Be specific with your requirements

Most recruitment consultants will take their time to understand client expectations, practical challenges and budget before suggesting solutions. As a client, you need to be specific about what you expect of them and how you want to approach the process of hiring people. For example, how many temporary positions do you typically have in a year? What are your expectations for selected departments? It is best to be as specific as possible, so that the recruitment consultant or agency can offer customized assistance. 

Try the temp-to-permanent route

In many cases, people are hired for the pharma industries on a temporary basis, and once they are trained and have proved their mettle for the role, they are given a permanent position. If you have hired a recruitment consultant, they can guide you on how to go ahead with the process, so that budget and time constraints are taken care of. 

Always keep room to explore more options when it comes to recruitments in life-science sectors, and hire the best recruitment consultant you can find.