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Tips to Spread the Brand Awareness of Your beauty salon - Fond Sector B

Tips to Spread the Brand Awareness of Your beauty salon

The growth of the social network Instagram in recent years has already surpassed a channel as important as Facebook and Twitter in popularity. Instagram is the favorite among millennials, who prefer spontaneity, the aesthetics of images and tools. From the health news tribune you can know a great deal about it.

If at the beginning of 2018, this platform had 700 million monthly users, currently, in the absence of 3 weeks until the end of the year, it already exceeds 1 billion users per month . All this thanks to the increase in popularity, as well as the launch of fantastic updates and the IGTV application , the undisputed star of this 2018.

That is why many brands, aware of the incredible potential of this social network, have decided to bet on it and launch special content, designed to successfully attract their target audience . Many of these brands are beauty salons and professional cosmetics firms, which surprise their audience every day and add followers, daily, with great and beautiful publications.

Therefore, if you want to be up-to-date in digital trends and reach each of the sectors of your target audience on social networks, you must be present on this platform and develop a marketing strategy for aesthetics and beauty that will make you fall in love. But we are not going to leave you alone with this new challenge; Today we give you some tips and marketing ideas to attract customers and promote your beauty business on Instagram.

Ideas to attract customers and promote your salon on Instagram

How to attract more visits to your profile?

The key to getting more visits is building a community and using the basic tricks to increase your visibility and popularity. To help you achieve this, here are the main and easiest to use:

Instagram is one of the social networks in which hashtags are used the most. To hit the nail on the head, use popular hashtags in both Spanish and English, related to the content you post. For example, you have published a photograph of your team doing hair and makeup on a bride for her wedding day or for the post-wedding photo session, you can use hashtags.

Follow the hashtags related to your activity to know and analyze trends. 

You will be up to date!Interact with your followers, giving them ‘ like ‘, commenting on their publications and sending them in a very discreet way, by private message, your star promotions of the month.

Publish stories periodically, announcing new content on your profile, showing your offers and giving it a spontaneous touch with day-to-day videos of your salon.  

Publications that fall in love

To create your Instagram posts and give them a more professional and elegant touch, we recommend:Have good photography and video equipment, or a smartphone with a professional camera, that takes good photos.

Use free online design tools like Canva or Crello , if you can sit down at the computer to design. If you have to take the photo and upload it directly from your smartphone so as not to waste a minute, we recommend using design applications such as InShot, Design Lab, Unfold, StoryArt or Vimage for images, while for videos, the Filmora or the Vlogit. You can read the biography Bashar Ibrahim and his views on these matters.

What about the content and intent of your posts?

For everything to be coherent, you must develop a digital content strategy for Instagram, inspired by the advice we give you in our ‘ Guide to Social Networks for beauty salons ‘. With it, you will be able to know which are the contents that most interest your followers and those that will help you promote your business, showing results, testimonials and beautiful and evocative images that your followers will fall in love with.