Tips for Sending Better and Well-Written Construction Christmas Cards

Many of us enjoy the tradition of preparing, writing and mailing out construction Christmas cards and greeting cards to our friends and loved ones. After choosing the cards with the best message you want to share, go home, write down some heartfelt message, address the envelopes and have them sent via mail. 

The best part about sending greeting cards by mail is waiting to receive one as well. Remember the feeling of going to your mailbox in anticipation of getting a greeting card back as well? Even though there are fewer people sending snail mail, the tradition of sending Christmas cards still lives on.

Sending construction Christmas cards and other greeting cards is an easy task, but there are certain things you must keep in mind if you plan to send one out. Below are some helpful tips that can help you put your best foot forward when writing construction Christmas cards to everyone on your address book. 

Tips for Sending Construction Christmas Cards


  • Decide and Assign Which Cards Go to Which Person


Always remember to set up a system that helps you determine which of your friends and relatives actually celebrate Christmas and which ones do not. Furthermore, if you or family take family photos during the holidays, try to keep a list of people whom you’d like to receive such personalized greeting cards separate from those who you think shouldn’t receive them. 

You may choose a more generic card for your business associates, colleagues, and others whom you do not know very well. In other words, make sure you’re sending the appropriate kind of cards to the people you’re sending them to. 


  • Right Timing


While it makes perfect sense to get your cards early so you can send them as soon as possible, it’s highly recommended for you to wait until Thanksgiving. Ideally, the best time for your recipients to receive the cards you sent them would be around the second week of December. But, don’t wait too long. Keep in mind that the post office is going to be quite busy during the holidays and you’d want your cards to arrive before Christmas Day at least. 


  • Include a Personal Message and a Signature


Plenty of families are able to make their own personalized cards or get them from printing companies. It’s often a good idea to get your cards made from a printing company because they offer unique customized greetings you can’t find anywhere else. 

If you’re planning to order construction Christmas cards in bulk, you may want to have your name printed on the cards. This is a good alternative to using your own signature or penmanship. You can even include a personal note inside the card or on the outer part of the envelope.

A short, handwritten personal note might be an even better gesture if you want to step your greeting card game up a bit. This simple gesture will show the recipient that you personally took time to write and mail the Christmas cards. They will appreciate the warmth from the message you wrote just for them. 


  • Include A Return Address


The return address is an extremely useful piece of information on any letter or card. The receiver will know right away who sent the card once he or she gets your card. The return address also informs the recipient of your current address so they’ll know where to mail their own cards in return. 


  • For Returning The Favor


Keep a record of the people whom you are exchanging construction Christmas cards and holiday cards every year. If you sent out Christmas cards to the Smiths for three years straight and have not gotten back a single card or greeting in return, then maybe you should reconsider keeping them on your list this year?

Their lack of response indicates they are not at all interested in receiving your cards nor are they interested in participating in greeting cards exchange in any way. It’s also possible that they’ve moved addresses, and they aren’t getting your cards. 


  • Handwritten vs. e-mail construction Christmas cards


While receiving an e-mail Christmas greeting can be nice, most people still prefer actual, handwritten cards because they love showing it off to others or display it on their mantle. However, if you’re not able to go to the post office on time, then sending an email Christmas greeting would suffice. At least you’re still able to spread some holiday cheer, right?


  • Mail Business Cards to the Office


If you’re planning to mail your boss, business associates, or colleagues at work remember one important thing: it’s considered inappropriate to send Christmas and greeting cards to their home. Unless you know them on an intimate level or interact with them socially, try to keep it professional and mail your card to their office. You might also want to reconsider sending family photos cards and newspapers as it wouldn’t be appropriate to send those to them. 


  • Send Co-worker’s cards at Home


Handing out cards to your coworkers in the office may seem more convenient and easier, but mailing them to their homes adds a more personal touch. If you know them enough to know their addresses, then mail the cards to their homes. Not only do you add a personal touch to the card, but you also eliminate the risk of someone taking offense at being left out because you didn’t send a card for him or her. 

Why Keep Sending Construction Christmas Cards?

Posting a Christmas greeting online and tagging your friends and family is like saying, “Here you go world, I sent Christmas greetings. Have a look at this.” It’s good and all but it’s not like people remember it after a few weeks. Sending a construction Christmas card, on the other hand, feels much more personal. You can decide who on your address book will receive a card. In other words, it takes a lot of thought and effort and only a select few in your inner circle of family and friends receive it. The ones you think will appreciate it. 

The  best part about sending out Christmas card every year is that it gives you the chance to think about the person or family you are sending it to. It can serve as a therapeutic work while listening to your favorite holiday music or watching the annual Christmas movie. 

Sending out Christmas cards is fast becoming a dying tradition. Thanks to the Internet and with the popularity of mobile devices, people have deemed old-fashioned letter-writing and holiday greeting cards as unfashionable or outdated. People today want to connect with others instantly; they don’t want to have to wait for days before they receive their greetings from the mail. 

This is probably one of the biggest reasons why receiving construction Christmas cards from someone nowadays is so meaningful. Receiving a card in the mail is almost the same as receiving a kiss from someone. It’s like the universe is telling you that someone out there cares and is thinking of you. Not only did the sender purchase the card, but they also wrote a personal message, addressed it to you, took the time to visit the post office so that you would get it on time, but he or she also did it in the most traditional way possible. Receiving a personalized greeting card or letter scan bring a smile on your face, especially at a time when you need it the most. It’s almost depressing to think that the next generation of children will never completely understand the joy and value of receiving a special card in the mail. But we can do something about it—we can still keep this tradition alive if we teach our children the beauty of sending and receiving cards in the mail!

Last year, research from the American Greeting Card Association showed that Europeans and Canadians still send out traditional construction Christmas cards today. According to the research, Europeans and Canadians send out an average of 11 cards every year, while Americans only sent 8 per householdevery year. The numbers show quit a drastic contrast compared to when the tradition of exchanging Christmas cards started. Back then families sent out 300 cards per household!

It’s so easy to see now that it won’t take long before this long held holiday tradition dies out. People will no longer bother sending cards because they think it’s no longer important. However, before you decide to completely opt out of construction Christmas cards, take a few minutes to ponder on its pros and cons. Think about how a simple gesture such as sending a Christmas card make someone in your life happy. Think about how sending a card can brighten up someone’s lonely holidays.  

While you can easily just send an e-card or tag people in a Facebook greeting, nothing says “I care about you and think about you” more than a personalized construction Christmas card. So why don’t you send someone one this Christmas season?