The Major Productivity Killers in Your Office and Tips to Avoid Them

Continue reading to learn about the most common problems with open office spaces and how to overcome them without a significant makeover.

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  • Employees may be dissatisfied with open office space and cubicles.

This may come as a surprise to you, given the growing number of people who work remotely these days. Despite the setup convenience of working from home, most workers prefer to go to the office. They simply want to be left alone.

People are more likely to be unhappy in offices where external factors prevent them from completing their tasks and they have no control over those distractions.

  • Collaboration Doesn’t Always Increase With Open Office Space

Open office spaces promote collaboration, according to a well-intentioned but not necessarily correct claim.

The difficulty is that while it may promote collaboration to some extent, it may also raise distractions. 

  • The use of open office space has been shown to reduce productivity.

The most cost-effective solution is not usually open offices. They have the potential to reduce staff productivity. Even if you can fit 25 people in one open location, around 14 of them will not always be able to offer their finest output.

In essence, employees may become too distracted by what is going on around them to get much work done, resulting in stress. They don’t have the luxury of shutting the door in their workplace and focusing on their work.                                                                  

Here are some of our suggested options for increasing productivity in your office space — at least, the ones that don’t necessitate hiring a construction company or purchasing new furniture.                                                                                                                                                                


  • Construct privacy or quiet zones.

Employees could have access to meeting rooms or even underutilized private offices. If this won’t work in your environment, consider just marking portions of your office as limited interruption zones, such as a couch near the coffee stand.

  • Allow employees to customize something

Employees who operate in open floor spaces in general experience the most emotional weariness. A personalized open floor area, on the other hand, is a different story.

Researchers were correct in their assumption that allowing low-privacy employees to customize their workspace would give them a sense of power and ownership. Employees’ emotional weariness is reduced when they are surrounded by personal belongings, according to the researchers. You cab look for Custom Office Space jersey city nj solutions to transform your office into something that everyone loves. 

  • Allow for a more flexible remote policy to be implemented.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t be flexible with your remote work policy if your employees’ positions allow it, especially if your office offers limited privacy choices.

Why not allow your staff to work from their home offices if they are more productive there?

More businesses are enabling employees to work from home, and some are even forming entirely virtual teams. If you’re concerned about staff relationships deteriorating, organize additional team bonding activities. If your staff have the opportunity to engage with one another when they aren’t working on a demanding assignment, they are more likely to like one another.

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