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Special Event and Special Announcements - Fond Sector B

Special Event and Special Announcements

Far beyond selling tickets, knowing how to properly publicize an event brings several advantages to the organizer and even to the market. Among them are the construction of the event’s identity, the reinforcement of the brand and the recognition as a reference in the event segment, be it a party, club, concert, congress, sporting or religious event. You can arrange for press release for an event as this is important.

Know the Audience and Define the Budget

No more distributing promotional coupons or creating various ads and campaigns on Facebook: the first step to start publicizing your event is to know your target audience and define the amount available for publicity.

Before creating any action to publicize an event, it is necessary to know exactly who it is intended for. Thus, you can establish the main means of publicizing the event and the most appropriate language to convince the public that your event is a must. To do this, try to answer questions such as:

  • What is my target audience?
  • What is the age range of my audience?
  • Where does he frequent or what social networks are he most used?
  • What subjects is he interested in?
  • What are the possible competitors of my event (parties, congresses, courses or festivals with a similar theme)?

With these points clarified, you can start planning your outreach, which should go hand in hand with your event planning. The plan for how your event will be publicized must encompass all the means of communication used, the budget available for each action and what efforts will be necessary for everything to work together.

How to Publicize an Event on Social Media

Social networks are perhaps the most used means of publicizing events today. And no wonder: Facebook alone has more than 2 billion active users per month, while Instagram has more than 800 million.

But even with such advantageous numbers, you need to be very careful and whimsical when publicizing your event on any social network. In order for your audience to be reached in the best way, you need to choose the right channels, use a language appropriate to the event and seek to interact in an original and engagement-focused way.

On Facebook, for example, in addition to an official page for your brand or company, you can also create an event to publicize the main news and attractions of your event. From there, your audience can follow the updates and check all the details and information.

Paid Ads for Events: Google, Facebook and Instagram

Another way to publicize your event is through paid advertisements, which will increase the reach of your promotion. Creating ads can be an efficient way to reach the right audience for your event, creating a targeted campaign to reach your target audience. With this you have much more chance of people impacted by the ads to be interested in the event and buy the tickets.

Using Magazines and Newspapers to Publicize Your Event

Depending on the segment and format of your event and the profile of the target audience, it may be interesting to publicize it in newspapers and magazines. Generally, for more traditional audiences or those who are not very present on the internet, this is an interesting way to win them over.

You can prepare a publicity text about your event with the main attractions and objectives, as well as information such as prices, tickets and dates. Newspapers and magazines can prepare a short story to publicize and bring visibility to your event, or you can provide a publicity image with this information.

Here, it is important to think about which media you would like to publicize them: newspapers with local circulation, magazines aimed at specific segments. Think about the most important and popular ones among your audience and publicize your event.