Some Of The Uses of Silicone Rubber

The use and significance of rubber in the present lifestyle is simply undeniable, as the versatile, robust and durable material offers help in plethora of tasks and is being widely used in several essential consumer products, appliances and equipment. It is also an essential component in specialized industrial processes and other household works. Amongst the different kind of rubber, silicone rubber is the best material and has top quality exceptional properties. Some of the noteworthy silicone rubber specs comprise of high tear strength, amazing resistance to extremely high temperatures, elongation and great thermal conduction.

The best thing about them is that they are available at lucrative rates. You can get them at lower rates in comparison to other rubber types. The silicone rubber price [ยางซิลิโคน ราคา, which is the term in Thai] are highly reasonable. Some of the different segments where silicone rubber is being used are mentioned below:

Construction and restoration

Silicone is commonly used for construction. Because of its adhesive property, it binds two building material together like concrete, glass, metal, granite as well as plastic. It enhances longer shelf life and strength, safeguarding it against heat, water, pollution etc. which cause depreciation. Likewise, you can also use silicone rubber to restore old buildings without changing their original look.

Electrical appliances

Silicone rubber application in electronics is known by all. It is used to seal the processors and circuits of several electronic devices. It secures them from heat, moisture, corrosion and other effects which cause wear and tear.


Silicone has high resistance to extreme temperature and stress, which makes it an essential part of the aviation industry. Silicone adhesives seal the major parts of the planes like windows, doors, ducts, fuel tank to lower the risk of mishaps at the time of flight.


Silicone is bacteria resistant and thus, it is perfect for healthcare industry. It is used to make baby care products, prosthetics and other medical appliances which match safety standards.

Domestic application

Several kitchen and household appliances are made using silicone. The long-lasting, non-stick, cookware come with silicone coating to enhance your cooking experience.

FDA approval

FDA approval suggests that silicone rubber is perfect food processing, medicinal and pharmaceutical industries. It can also be used at places where food contact is a major factor.

Medical equipment

Silicone rubber is non-toxic and its chemical inertness permit the rubber to be utilized for all medical purposes. It can easily be molded in translucent form for monitoring. Catheter, nipples of baby bottles, dialysis equipment tubes etc. are made of silicone.

Industrial production

Because of its so many impressive specs, silicone rubber is a major part of production processes for several products. It also enhances the scope for inventive production techniques.

Paints and adhesives

Because of its amazing pigmentation and adhesive feature, silicone adds to the paint and sealant quality. It offers higher resistance against weather changes and different types of stains.

Along with all the above mentioned application, affordable silicone rubber prices make it even more indispensable and essential in our day to day life.