Snowmobile Safety: How Fast Should You Drive?


Did you know that snowmobiling is considered one of the most dangerous outdoor recreational sports? Not only can be dangerous, but it can be a lot of fun when handled properly. Unfortunately, many riders get super ambitious and want to take the ATV up to full throttle. However, this need for speed is what causes the majority of accidents, which can raise the rates of your snowmobile insurance significantly.

The High Risks of Riding Too Fast on a Snowmobile

One danger of snowmobiling at any speed is that it can be challenging seeing what’s under the snow. Hence, you can hit a fence or other object buried beneath unexpectedly. The higher your speed, the greater risk you and the vehicle will suffer along with your snowmobile insurance rates.

If you do choose to take a burst of speed on occasion, make sure you are familiar with the terrain and able to maintain the vehicle at all times.

Keep in mind that terrain can change dramatically very quickly and that going at a high rate of speed could result in launching an avalanche. Furthermore, playing safely with lower speeds during times of poor visibility or upon blind hills is the best way to ensure that your ride will not end in a tragedy.

Beyond speeding, other careless habits to avoid while snowmobiling include:

  • Cruising on the wrong side of trails
  • Hugging corners and curves to tightly
  • Passing other riders on curves
  • Riding on unauthorized or prohibited trails
  • Not carrying adequate snowmobile insurance

Looking for Great Snowmobile Insurance Rates?

If you need reliable snowmobile insurance that covers collision, medical payments, bodily injury and custom accessories, contact your local insurance agent to learn more about their comprehensive policies for adventurers.