Should You Have a Home Safe? Five Things to Consider Before You Buy

Safes can come in extremely handy if you wish to store cash, valuable items or sensitive documents at your home. However, it’s important to consider whether a safe would suit your needs – and if so, which one? After there are a variety of makes and models available along with numerous other factors to take into account.

Here, the security specialists at eSafes list exactly what you should bear in mind before purchasing a safe.

1: Location

Where would you install a safe in your home? If you want a security box that can be hidden, where would be suitable to do so? Depending on the size and type of safe you select, you need to ensure that there is sufficient floor or wall space, and that the item will not get in the way of other things that you may need to access – such as plug sockets or wiring.

2: Size and Type

This relates strongly to the above point. Before you look into the range of safes that are available to you, you should measure the space that is available to you as well as the quantity and size of items you wish to store inside.

You should also think about whether you require the safe to be fireproof or waterproof, or whether it should offer data storage.

Second hand safes are also available. They are fully refurbished and function just as well as a new model, but are usually more affordable.

3: Rating

Many people are unaware of the cash rating system to which most safes adhere. This rating informs the owner and any insurers of the amount to which the contents of the safe may be covered. eSafes offers models with cash ratings of between £1,000 and £150,000. Any non-cash items stored inside may be insured to ten times the cash rating.

4: Lock

If a classic lock and key safe is your preference, you may wish to invest in a safe with this feature. However, if you wish for multiple people to be able to open the safe, you may decide on an electronic lock with a code or combination.

5: Access

You should be able to place your safe somewhere convenient so that it is easy to use and doesn’t get forgotten about, such as a bedroom or office.

Wherever you place it, you should think about who may need to access its contents. Take care who you offer your code to, for a start. If, however, there is an emergency whereby you need to ensure that no one can access your safe at all, there are models available which offer a lockdown feature, rendering the box inaccessible for between 1 and 48 hours (depending on your selection).

If you wish to browse the options available from eSafes, you can find our full selection of home and office safes right here. For further information, give us a call on 0800 783 2328.