Rise of Georgian-American Entrepreneur Nika Stark

Nika Stark is a Georgian-American entrepreneur, web developer, and a software engineer who was born in the country Georgia (Kutaisi). He is the founder and CEO of highly respected media and entertainment platform, StarkFeed, and a digital mastermind with a tremendous experience.  He also helps business owners to establish digital footprint. Nika is a kind of person who believes that with hard work & dedication, we can achieve anything. 

Early Childhood:

After spending the majority of his early years in Georgia, he moved to Daytona Beach Florida (United States) when he was 11 years old.  He went to Ormond Beach Middle school, and then continued to graduate from Seabreeze High School. Since, he was just 11 years old; he was quite passionate about designing & developing websites and applications. Also, he has been working on it since then, which is the reason that now, he has become an expert in it. He was a bright child since childhood and his academic record was full of amazing accomplishments. After high-school, he got accepted in many big universities to continue his studies but later on he realized that college wasn’t the right path for his entrepreneurial mindset.

Road to Entrepreneurship:

To move a step forward and to turn his dreams into a reality, In 2017 he launched a digital media and entertainment platform StarkFeed which is an American Internet media, news, and entertainment company which basically focuses on media entertainment.. His media platform made him prominent among other entrepreneurs as it rose in ranks really fast and established a huge readership. Originally known for online games, celebrity, and pop culture articles, his company “StarkFeed” has grown into a global media and technology company, providing an incredible coverage on a variety of topics including, Business, Science, Marketing & News. This company is one of his biggest achievements as an entrepreneur.

An inspiration:

He is the kind of person who believes that there is no shortcut in any business & to become successful, entrepreneurs must be passionate and consistent in their business. His trademark passion for problem-solving sets him apart in this fast-growing industry. Nika is particularly known for his in-depth interviews of major players in the business industries, constantly recognized for his honest motivational tips and bringing inspiration to foreign entrepreneurs who are trying to make a name for themselves in this country. With his amazing academic record and his stunning performance in the business, he is considered as a very insightful and smart entrepreneur.