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Reducing Wear and Tear on Company Vehicles - Fond Sector B

Reducing Wear and Tear on Company Vehicles

The costs of wear and tear on a company’s vehicles can quickly add up. Whilst there is always going to be the need to invest in repairs and maintenance of vehicles, there are plenty of steps that can be taken to minimize these costs such as undertaking preventive servicing, using a gps tracking device & even investing in driver education. Whether it is new tires, new parts or body repair, ensuring that your fleet of vehicles are running at their best can be expensive. Therefore, focusing on how your vehicles are being used is crucial to determining if they are being used as effectively as possible.

Preventative Repairs/Servicing

Rather than dealing with an issue with a company car as it arises one option is to go on the offensive (so to speak). This involves making sure that company vehicles are routinely inspected to make sure they are always working at their optimum. On top of this, these constant checks also allow for any new small issues that arise to be dealt with swiftly, before they become a larger problem for the vehicle. While the servicing and the costs of repairing these smaller issues may seem like a lot, in the long run it is far more cost effective and will make sure that you get the most out of your vehicles.

GPS Tracker

GPS tracking systems can provide several benefits for businesses. The most basic and well-known function of these devices is to help give drivers the best/quickest route to their destination, reducing the need for the vehicle having to stop and start, helping it avoid hazards and keeping the vehicle running smoothly. Another benefit of a GPS system is that certain models can offer a high amount of data about how a vehicle is being driven. The data provided can offer information concerning harsh braking, over-accelerating & fast cornering, all of which can cause damage to the vehicle over time. Finally, it can provide information on whether the vehicle is being used specifically for the business or whether drivers are taking advantage of the vehicle for personal use. Overuse of vehicles can of course lead to greater wear and tear, so making sure this is minimized is crucial.

Educating Your Drivers

Few of us drive our vehicles with maintenance or wear and tear in mind. But when it comes to a company vehicle which racks up the kilometres every day, it is vital that drivers understand the impact that their driving behaviours will have on the vehicle. As a member of management, it is up to you to educate drivers on this and manage them going forward to make sure that they adhere to these driving best practices to maintain the quality of the company vehicles, for as long as possible.


While servicing has been discussed, there are also a host of general maintenance practices that individuals can carry out. For instance, making sure that the oil & water levels are at the optimum, making sure tires always have enough air in them and of course using higher quality fuel to reduce issues to the engine or exhaust system. While simple steps, they can all have a big effect on the overall performance and wear and tear of the vehicle.

Save yourself time and money on your company vehicles. Implement these best practices today to reduce wear and tear tomorrow.