Read This Before You Buy an Industrial Grease Gun  

 Deciding to choose a battery-operated grease gun by putting down your available standard grease gun is a big decision. You have been using your old grease gun for so many years that also gave you many years of service and still working great.

Working with the gun, however, needs both of your hands and often the third hand too, for holding the whip hose on your grease fitting. The whole process may take a pretty long time if you need to lubricate many points.

You can resolve all such issues if you buy a battery-operated electrical grease gun (กระบอก อัด จาร บี ไฟฟ้า, term in Thai) that are available with Teo Nooseng Co., Ltd.

Such cordless type of grease guns has appeared on the market since 1999 and ever since their popularity has tremendously increased. Also, many companies have added them into their product line.

While their preferences for feature and style may vary, but every professional type of grease gun used in the workplace must maintain the following 6 standards of performance and quality:

  • Capability to develop very high pressure
  • Allow for remote, bulk, and cartridge filling
  • Ability to maintain prime
  • Durability
  • Have self-priming features
  • Contain a certain quality grease coupling

The following are a few features that you must consider while buying a battery-operated grease gun.

  • Which battery to use for powering

Usually, lithium-ion batteries will offer constant power till the battery will last; hence it is more preferred as compared to NiCad batteries. The lifespan of lithium-ion batteries is also 3 times more than NiCad batteries though NiCad batteries may be a bit cheaper.

  • How much power

This issue may not be relevant for a few applications though but fittings can get clogged with dirt, debris, old grease, and concrete, etc. If you fail to get the required power to penetrate the clogging then the entire fitting needs to be replaced.

  • Amount of grease to be applied

Knowing how much grease will go to each point can be a big plus while shopping for any cordless grease gun. An extra amount of lubricant may damage bearings and it will wastes grease.

  • How fast is grease to be dispensed

High flow may not be acceptable for all applications. Few cordless grease guns can deliver so fast and may damage a grease boot or seal before even releasing the trigger. Slower output models can be inefficient too.

  • How many cartridges needed

If greasing is needed on several points that you may need a lot of greases. You certainly cannot recharge in the middle. So, choose the number of grease cartridges for your application.

  • Ergonomics

NiCad batteries can add weight to your grease gun so you need to have a grease gun that can be handled easily. The gun should be easily gripped and should not cause any wrist/arm strain.

  • Availability of lights

If greasing is done during the morning or daytime under sufficient lighting then perhaps you can manage without any extra lights. However, if you have to apply grease in a dark environment then there must be a LED lights available with your grease gun.