Read Govmint Review: Different Types of Gold Coins

It is important to remember that government mints’ history started in the seventh century B.C. Since then, nations have begun producing coins as a wealth symbol and currency.

Roman Empire opened numerous mints in different locations with the idea to supply their trading transactions. We are talking about facilities that manufacture coins and national currency, meaning the government or sovereigns own them.

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Of course, we can find older options, including the Mexican and Royal Mint, established five hundred years ago, which are the most important ones in the world. It means the diverse gold and silver markets are increasing, which will allow you to accommodate your investing needs and requirements.

Depending on your preferences, you can find a wide array of government silver and gold coins. Apart from creating coins, they produce other products, including collectibles, bars, and medals.

Different Coin Types You Can Find

From the very start of government mints, coins became the primary currency and money for supplying various transactions. Of course, we live in a world with fiat currency, which uses silver and gold products for different purposes. The basic options you can find include:

  • Circulating options include quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies created for daily transactions. We are talking about the ones you can find in a pocket formed by the government mints as a circulating currency. Of course, we can differentiate a few exceptions, such as Kennedy Half-Dollars and one-dollar coins, which are collectibles, meaning you cannot buy anything directly with them.

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  • On the other hand, bullion ones are specific because they feature precious metals, including silver, gold, and many more. You can find them in numerous weights, face values, and legal tender solutions. Still, depending on the metal content, they are worth more than their face values. Besides, their value depends on metal content, market value, and other factors. The main reason for buying them is to use them as investments instead of daily transactions.
  • Brilliant Uncirculated (B.U.) is an industry-standard option that denotes a particular one by ensuring it remains in perfect condition. It means they feature ninety-five percent of the original luster, which will offer them a matte finish.
  • Proof coins have the most acceptable metal content and feature multiple stamps. Generally, they feature special dies that will give you a fine finish afterward. Before the mintage, the experts will examine the dye under a microscope and polish everything manually to ensure sharpness. It is the perfect solution for international collections.
  • Certified options are the ones that underwent authentication and grade by worldwide recognized certification companies such as PCGS or Professional Coin Grading Service and NGC or Numismatic Guarantee Corporation. These companies will check out the condition and purity while offering the quality ratings that will affect the value. The grades go between one and seventy, depending on factors including luster, eye appeal, surface, strike, and preservation.
  • Finally, collectibles include specialty options with creative imprints and amazing designs that commemorate notable historical figures and events. They also feature an increased level of glimmer and luster, meaning you will get the one with a perfect finish. Since they come in limited editions, their value is higher than the market price and metal content.

Government Mint Bullion

You should know that government mints produce a wide array of bullion coins, while some can manufacture other products such as bars. However, mints focus their production on silver and gold coins because they come with less significant premiums than other products.

Remember that government mints want to produce high-quality and pure coins. Therefore, they consider the mintage number, design, and metal content. They all come with high purity, while the gifted artists create remarkable designs. As a result, they represent patriotic themes, national symbols, and wildlife. The most common examples are:

  • American Gold Eagle – It entered the market in 1996 and became the essential aspect of the U.S. coinage. It features three percent silver, five percent copper, and ninety-one percent of twenty-two karat gold. The design features Lady Liberty, while the reverse side comes with a soaring eagle.
  • America the Beautiful – Another option you can find includes the alternative with .999% pure silver with a face value of $.25. They come in a wide array of designs, including the profile of George Washington on the obverse and American National Parks on the reverse.
  • Canadian Maple Leaf – We are talking about coins that come from gold or silver. You can find the silver option that is worth approximately five Canadian dollars and features impressive purity. On the other hand, the gold coin’s value depends on the metal content. Coins entered the market in 1982 and featured .999 pure gold.
  • Chinese Panda – As mentioned above, you should know that Chinese Panda comes in palladium, silver, and gold versions. They feature a wide array of sizes and denominations. Still, it features 99.9% gold, while it comes with 0.999 silver and .999 palladium. The designs change each year, but they always depict panda bears.
  • Perth Mint Lunar Series – We are talking about the Australian Perth Mint coin series that come in silver and gold editions. They feature the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, meaning the twelve zodiac animals for each featured year on the reverse side and the Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse.

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  • South African Krugerrand – It is a South African gold coin that features .9167 purity. Remember that they feature excellent and appealing design and an image of Paul Kruger, the one and only president of South Africa, on the obverse and a picture of antelope on the reverse side.

Suppose you wish to purchase a perfect bullion; we recommend finding a reputable and professional dealer to ensure the best course of action. Still, finding the best dealer is not as simple as it seems, which is why you should conduct comprehensive research throughout the process.