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Questions to Ask Your Stairs Contractors - Fond Sector B

Questions to Ask Your Stairs Contractors

When hiring stair contractors Los Angeles residents should do their research and be sure to ask the right questions.

How long have you been in business?

Stair contractors that have been in business for many years have worked through a lot of growing pains and will have the right experience to make sure work is done on time and on budget. Many contractors have years of experience before they start a business, so you can factor that in if you are choosing a contractor that fits this. You may want to start them off with a smaller project before you bump into something larger.

Are you licensed?

There are different requirements for licensing, but contractors must have a license. Having a business license is not enough and a contractor should be a licensed contractor. If not required to have a license, a reputable contractor may still have one.

Can you see the certificate of insurance?

It isn’t enough to just ask if they have insurance, but you should see how they are insured. Contractors should have liability insurance and workers compensation insurance for the job they are performing. Taking a look at the certificates will give you more peace of mind.

What is the timeline for completion?

While sometimes things happen that throw off a timeline, it’s important to have an understanding of when contractors will start and complete a project. It’s also important to know any circumstances that could affect the schedule. In order to clarify some more about timeline, ask if there are other projects that could affect the schedule and how necessary changes to the timeline will be addressed.

What is the payment schedule?

It has been recommended that you shouldn’t pay the full price upfront and any reputable contractor won’t ask you to. However, it’s necessary to ask about the payment terms before any work begins. You will need to be aware of how much is due and when it’s due. Payments could be made according to certain dates or be based on completed stages.

Will there be a dedicated team working on the job?

Contractors may be working on multiple jobs at once, so you want to make sure you have some consistency for who is going to be on your site every day. Ask if the same team will be working each day. Who is the project manager and what will he oversee? If working with subcontractors, are they covered under insurance? How often will the business owner check in on progress?

By asking the right questions for stair contractors Los Angeles residents can make the right choice when it comes to getting their stairs project done in a timely manner and on budget.