Pavement Signs: What to know about them?

Pavement signs according to the advertising experts are considered to be among the most commonly used advertising tools by businesses of all types and domains globally. They are categorized generally under Sign Advertising with some specific sign or message being displayed for the target audience to see.

About pavement signs

These have two faces, with both facing two opposite sides. This will ensure each and every passerby to take notice of it, irrespective of the direction travelled. Also, both faces have same dimensions, thus offering a good look. There are also available single faced boards.

Generally, pavement signs find use outdoors or even inside the bar restaurant, or other place. It is a wonderful tool to display pictures, messages, leaflets and posters. It is possible for the frame to be used for several years, due to its strength and durability aspect. The signs or messages can also be changed easily as and when required. It is indeed an amazing feature that benefits organizations that keeps on introducing new products and schemes in the market. Some boards have slide sheet bases, thus making it easy for all advertisers to have the messages changed without much stress or time.


They are created from any material including aluminum, steel or wood, which are light, portable and strong, so as to be carried anywhere and put up at any spot as desired. At times, the advertisers may have to carry these boards to various places.

Anti-theft features

There are instances of the boards being stolen. To prevent this issue, manufacturers have come up with a lock mechanism during production. This actually helps the pavement boards to be locked and stop bothering about theft.


These signs are available to serve multi-purposes. But the major reason for its use is to improve on visit numbers to the business, enhance product awareness and subsequent sales.


Pavement boards are of different types and easily available. A Board pavement sign is among the most commonly used type by advertisers and business establishments. These boards, like the name suggests have been shaped in the form of ‘A’ alphabet. The body is created to provide optimum strength to the board. They need small space for storage and are foldable.

Water base board is another common type having strong base and straight rectangular sheet top to bottom. They are found useful in windy places.

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