Meet Sabeer Singh – A Young Tycoon

Basic Information

I would consider myself a very caring, and considerate person of others. I always want to do what is best for myself, and do what I can to put others in a good situation too. I grew up in an urban city in the Midwest. I have always been a person to find a few close friends, than having a big circle of friends. As a teenager I was always investing my time into making money and learning the wide world of technology.

First Experiences

Growing up in the 21st century always had me around technology. Ever since I saw my first computer I always wanted to watch or browse and use it myself. My first device was an Xbox 360 where I was very active and well connected with my community, and my tight-knit group of friends which some of whom I still talk to today after 9 years. Growing up in a very technology invest generation, I eventually got my own laptop and began learning and bettering myself with multiple devices day after day.

Memories With Meaning

As the youngest child in my family I was birthed to a few years after my other siblings. I always looked up to my siblings and always wanted to be just like them. They showed me what it means to be your true self, and what it means to be a family. A few notable experiences growing up were being very connected with my neighborhood roots. This led to me being active in sports, and choosing the right things to do with my life, and overall choosing what is right from wrong and making the right decision in general. I played basketball in multiple leagues between third and eighth grade. I also played soccer in a recreational league from fourth to sixth grade. Lastly I played little league baseball for two seasons in fifth grade.

 People In My Life

As a young kid growing up I always looked up to people with respect and modest work to their names. Such as people who work with charities, hospitals, churches, etc. One person who had big personal impact was my grandfather which I was very close to as a little boy. He taught me to always do the right thing. One quote he told me multiple times that stuck with me is “Early to bed, early to rise, makes the man healthy, wealthy, and wise” (Benjamin Franklin). This meant a lot to me and it stuck with me always keeping in mind to be the best version of myself. A few notable mentions that also had a big impact on me growing up and my upcoming years were my siblings, parents, friends, coaches, teachers, and mentors.

Notable Information

Social Media Expert


Future Doctor

US Guardsman

Social Media