Mailing Tubes: Advantages and Tips to Buy One

If you have received certificates or important documents via mail in a cylindrical container, that is what a mailing tube is—made of wood pulp fibers, i.e., cardboard; they are strong and have high durability. Usually, these cardboards are cut into ribbon-like patterns and are connected with glue. It also increases the durability of the tube. A mandrel makes the cylinder as per the required length and diameter.

These tubes are best for sending documents, painting, letters, magazines, and several other items. These mailing tubes are an excellent option for sending documents and certificates that shouldn’t be folded or are bigger than all the envelopes available. These cylinders have a spiral binding of the cardboard, and it makes the mailing tube stronger, and even heavy loads cannot collapse it.

Mailing a certificate/document is risky because it usually piles up with other heavy parcels like stationery, books, gifts, etc. If you are sending the certificate in an envelope, there is a probability that it will bend or get torn during transportation. Some envelopes are rigid and resistant to wear and tear, but heavy items could easily bend the envelope and mess up the document inside. Hence, the only safe option you have is the mailing tubes.

If you are still doubtful about these tubes, this piece will change your mind. Following are the advantages of the mailing/postal tubes—and if you would like to buy some of these tubes, there are some tips to select the best one in the market.

What are the advantages of mailing/postal tubes?

Postal tubes are the best choice if you have these specific items to ship, such as signs, banners, posters, artwork, blueprints, and other delicate items. You can be 100% sure about the safety of your documents if they are sent via these tubes. They are tested and protect the items from crushing getting wet and help to keep the item intact.

Protection of certificates/documents

As said before, if you have documents to send in the post but are too fragile to be in an envelope, the postal tube will be a great idea. You can roll the certificate or documents and place them inside the tubes, preventing the certificates from creasing. Hence, these tubes became the best choice for universities and other institutions for sending important documents/certificates.

Safe delivery of documents

Postal tubes are great for sending items that are breakable and important. Sending documents through these tubes will give you peace of mind, as it assures that they will reach the receiver without any damage. All you need to do is roll the document or certificate and place it inside the tube, and it’s ready to be sent.

Low shipping cost

The mailing tubes usually cost less than the big envelopes and cardboard boxes. When you need to send documents in cardboard boxes, it takes up more space and is sometimes heavier; hence it will cost you a lot more than the tubes. The postal tubes are the most cost-effective way of sending certificates/documents.

Your mail will stand out.

Many use the old envelope and strong cardboard sheet to send files even after knowing the advantages of postal tubes. But, when you use the postal tubes for your mail, the client will notice that it will stand out from all the other mails- the documents will be damage-free. There’s no better way than this to impress your clients or customers.

Tips for buying postal tubes:

  • Check the dimensions of your documents before purchasing the tubes
  • Knowing the weight of the shipping item is important —get the tube with the appropriate thickness to carry it
  • Get tubes with internal pads for fragile items