Important Things to Take Note of About Product Design Specification

While developing and designing a product, it is important to ascertain the task of the product. Product design specification is the definition of what a particular product is expected to provide. After carefully considering the needs of the end consumers, PDS determines the object or is expected of a product. It is, therefore, a document which entails the specifications, requirements and constraints that must apply to a new product. Since this document is reviewed and referred to throughout the design process, it must clearly state all the aspects of the design. 

Let us check out a few important aspects of the PDS.

  • Significance

Using PDS ensures efficiency of a product as the process becomes transparent and things can be accounted for, in case any issue arises. Once the specification is completed, the elements of the initial design can be seen as a tangible series of requirements that must be met for completion of the design. 

Further, a strong product specification document ensures an effective product capable of addressing and tending to the needs of the target audience. The document, thus, helps save a lot of money and time. While this may seem like a lengthy process, these parameters ensure adjustments and solutions come within the scope of the project.

  • Checklist

While a few aspects may differ significantly from a project to another, similarities do exist. Preparing this data can help create an effective product. Every product design specification must entail the following aspects.

  • Target audience
  • Performance considerations
  • Monetary expectations/ limitations
  • Time limitations
  • Brief description of the product and the intentions behind creating it.

Further, functional requirements such as product life span, aesthetics, ergonomics, shipping, maintenance, reliability and disposal are a few aspects to be covered and mentioned too.

  • Avoiding mistakes

Farsightedness is key to avoiding mistakes when it comes to designing a product. Therefore, it is imperative that the PDS is clear and focused. Product developers and businesses must remember that in the initial stages, the identification of every answer may not be possible. So, such questions must be documented for reference for the later stages. 

Further, when it comes to detailing, overspecification must be avoided as it could limit the creativity of the product.


Therefore, considering the aforementioned aspects of product designing and the PDS can give strong insights into product development. offers multidisciplinary engineering and consultancy services, along with digital transformation in this regard.