How to Create a Functional and Well-Organised Pharmacy FitOut

Pharmacy design has been changed dramatically in recent years. Yes, modern pharmacy design has come a long way from the traditional white and beige coloured pharmacies. Thanks to the independent pharmacy owners and pharmacy shopfitters who have adopted a stylish yet functional pharmacy design to help them stand out from the large chain-store drugstores. Today’s pharmacy layouts are designed by taking into account the feelings of the customers.

Many retailers are designing the pharmacy space to create a shopping environment that is comfortable, easy to navigate, access, and responsive. In short, a successful pharmacy fitout must be crafted around your customer’s experience.

Here are a few things you need to consider when creating a functional pharmacy fitout:-

Hire pharmacy shopfitters

The key to creating a successful pharmacy fitout is to utilise the available space to the maximum, while enhancing the customer shopping experience. This is why you need to work with professional pharmacy shopfitters in Sydney. By working with professionals, you will receive expert guidance, excellent designs, high-quality workmanship, and final results that will exceed your unique expectations and requirements.

Choose an efficient layout

A thoughtfully-planned layout can increase efficiency, facilitate customer interaction, and boost sales. When designing the layout for your pharmacy, see it from a customer perspective. Walk into the store as though this was your first visit and look around. The layout should start with your pharmacy’s exterior look that should include your brand colours, signage, and create an attractive display.

Ensure the inside of your store is well-lit and aim for environmental-friendly LED lights. De-cluttered aisles create a pleasant area for your customer, the visual-appealing signage and user-friendly shelving provide clear calls-to-action.

As with any busy retail environment, safety is crucial. Non-slip flooring, safety rails, wide aisles, wheelchair accessibility, and emergency exit are some of the major factors you need to consider when designing a pharmacy.

Display shelving must be set up and organised in such a way it directs customer foot traffic. Moreover, colourful signage should be placed to indicate each section, and stand-alone informational displays can be used to gain the attention of the shoppers.

Ensure the décor is pleasant and relaxing

Make sure the décor on the walls and other areas are soothing because shoppers will love to linger in an atmosphere which is pleasant and possibly purchase more items than they had originally planned when they enter your pharmacy. The entry area should set the tone of your store.

Consider your employees

Of course, you need to consider the customers while designing and creating a pharmacy fitout. However, for the pharmacy fitout to be truly successful, your employees should also be able to perform their tasks efficiently, especially during peak hours.

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