How to Choose the Right Presentation Folder?

If you’ve been scrolling through the market for presentation folders and have been thinking about purchasing the right one for yourself, then this blog is for you! Be it some important documents you need to store or even if you have to put them out for display even- whatever your reasons and needs might be, we know making the right choice can be difficult, especially because there is a vast array of presentation folders available in the market that you can choose from!

There are certain important factors that you need to consider, which can help you with your conundrum about choosing the right kind of presentation folder for yourself. Hence, we hope that the following tips, that our experts have listed out for you will help you make the right decision.

  • Know Your Needs: Before you can choose the right kind of folder for yourself, you really need to know what your exact needs are. Questions like are you planning store a few documents only or do you have numerous pages; will help you decide on the size that you need to invest it. Another example can be – Size of the pages of the documents, which will help you choose between sizes like a4 folder, a5 folder, customized folder size etc.

Some of the presentation folders are designed to hold only a few pages, and if that is your plan then they would fit your need nicely, as opposed to the larger ones that are not ergonomically designed and also look shabby. On the other hand, if you’re looking to present a considerable number of pages, then you will have to look at presentation folders that can help you present them all suitably.

Another point of consideration would be the usability and the audience. Now if your presentation folder is going to be used regularly and in fact of a lot of people then you need to pay attention to presentation folders that are good to look at as well (they say that the first impression is the last impression isn’t it!).  On the other hand, however, if your folder is meant for personal use only, then in that case the exterior probably wouldn’t matter as much!

  • What’s Your Budget: If you’ve been looking for presentation folders for a while now, you’re more than likely to be aware of how the costs can vary, in a rather significant manner. So make sure that you set your budget right at the beginning, otherwise chances are that there might be a folder that will really catch your eye and may end up being way more expensive than you were willing to invest in an a4 folder or a5 folder.
  • Size Matters: Forget what they all say and let us tell you that size does matter! And we are here to give you a break down of what kind of presentation folders fit what kind of usage scenario. For functional as well as aesthetic reasons, you need to focus on the size of the folder. For example, if the folder size is too big, it will draw the attention away from the documents inside, and on the flip side if the folder dimensions are too small then it won’t be able to hold all your documents inside.

So what is the ideal size then really? Let’s break it down into categories to answer this pertinent question about the right size of presentation folders. Let’s begin with general use. The most bang for your buck is buying letter-sized or a4 folder. With traditional documents mostly being this size, it will be applicable for most of your uses.

Now coming to the best size of presentation folders for the smaller items. Smaller documents can quite often get lost in large presentation folder sizes. Now if you’re not getting one made custom size then the a5 folder is a good choice. It’s smaller than the a4 folder and has room enough to hold a wide array of documents.

Lastly, a point of consideration for varied use in terms of both length and bulk of documents can be the expansion folder. It’s one of those presentation folders, that offer you some extra room so that you can not only hold documents of variable sizes but also hold bulk quantities or extra thick booklets even. So if thinking in a more cost-efficient manner an expansion folder can come quite handy.

The point of considering the size of your presentation folders means that you can match your documents to it and be assured that you’re not investing in something which will not be value for money, for your needs. If it doesn’t match your exact requirements, then a presentation folder is as good as being useless, after all!

Now for times when you are absolutely confused and really can’t make up your mind, as to what suits your need best, always request for a sample. It will really help you see the factors that we mentioned earlier in a clearer and precise manner –  that will help you choose the right kind of presentation folders for your needs (and honestly you can own a few kinds if need be so!)

Certainly, a little and time needs to be invested when you’re looking to choose the right folder, from a sea of presentation folders. Having said that, however, if you set your priorities in advance, you will be well on your way to choosing the right presentation folder for yourself.